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Daily Food & Workout Routine

My Wife's Low Carb Chicken Parmesan!

I have people ask me all the time about fitness, food or working out. So I figured how about I just write it down! Now am I the most in shape person you will see? Hell no. But I am athletic and what I would call normal. I do not workout for three hours a day or anything like that. I eat decent and I workout a few times a week. I like to mix it up in regard to what I do with working out, so I will go over most of what I do. Just keep in mind you have to change up what you do to keep the body thinking and to keep your body strong. So let's get started and talk food!

BREAKFAST I typically, except the weekend, find breakfast as a time killer. If I had it my way I would have like eggs and bacon or sausage every morning. Or even cereal! But I do not. I have found that a quick meal is the best for me. I eat breakfast a little later as well. Normally between 9am - 10am. All the times are subject to change depending on the day. So obviously I cannot adhere to the times below every single day.

7am: Drink 16oz spring water 8am: Take 1,000mg Acetyl L-Carnitine on empty stomach. Start 16oz spring water. 9am (Food): Eat protein bar (Oh Yeah! One & MusclePharm Crunch bars rock!) or overnight oats (Recipe Here). 9am (Supplements): I then take 1,000mg Vitamin C, 5,000mg Vitamin D, 3g L-Glutamine, 600mg Beet Root, 3 Dr. Tobias Hip Knee Joint Capsules and 1,000mg DHA/EPA Fish Oil. I take these with food as some need food to attach onto and actually work. Start another 16oz spring water.

LUNCH I have found for simplicity sake to bring ready made salads for lunch. It is the simplest thing for me. No preparing meals for the week, etc. If I want more protein I will drink a protein shake as well. On days after a workout I will do that with lunch. Getting greens in you is awesome. Roughage rocks. So I typically take lunch as the time to do that. Normally Fridays I hit a lunch at a restaurant. So I just have to eat salads for four days! Even then I will get something like boneless buffalo wings. A little carbs but the places I eat make fresh stuff. So the breading is thinner.

12pm: Eat and drink 16oz spring water 1pm: Take Solray High Energy Multi-Vitamin. I take it at this time as I will lag without it. I also take 2 Dr. Tobias Hip Knee Joint Capsules to finish off the daily dose of 5 capsules. 2pm: Drink one cup of green tea with 1 TBSP of local honey. 3pm: If I eat a snack it will be here. Could be beef/turkey jerky, protein shake, nuts, protein bar, etc.

DINNER For dinner I like lot's of protein and greens with minimal carbs. Does this always happen? No. But it is my goal. I like sushi, indian food, cheeseburgers, etc. Those have high carbs. But normally, thanks to having an awesome wife who is damn near a chef, we will have a meal that focuses on protein and greens. If it has rice I will just half the rice. We rarely make dinner during the work week with pasta in it. Although we do from time to time. How can you not? If I do have a cheeseburger or something in a time crunch I remove the top bun usually. Still tastes great with less than half the carbs! 6pm: Eat dinner 7pm: Take 500mg Life Extension Magnesium. Sometimes drink a cup of Douglas Fir Spring Tip Tea.

WEEKENDS Usually on the weekends I will play it by ear. I like a nice who cares dinner on Friday night or Saturday. Strangely I find it easier to stay on track on the weekend compared to the weekdays. My weekends are a little more free in relation to time. As during the work week I am constantly moving, working, meetings, etc. I play by the 80/20 rule when it comes to eating good compared to bad.

So now that we looked at food and what I will normally eat, lets look at working out. I do not go to the gym everyday. I like playing sports but hate working out. Go figure. Haha. I will normally on Sunday do a weight lifting workout. I will go through these exercises one after the other with no break until I get through them all once. A cycle if you will. I go through the cycle three to four times and between 10 to 12 reps. This is an example what that looks like.

CARDIO Stationary Bike for 5-10 minutes

CYCLE 1 Seated Dumbbell Curls or Hammer Curls Mid Cable Chest Crossover Flyes High Cable Chest Flyes Lat Pulldowns or Seated Rows Tricep Cable Pushdowns Bench Press Military Press or Arnold Press

CYCLE 2 Barbell Bicep Curls (Both Wide and Narrow Grip) Dumbbell Chest Pull Overs Dips Cable Tricep Extensions Shrugs

CARDIO Stationary Bike for 5-10 minutes

As you can see I get some cardio in and it is really to keep my legs fresh. Doing the weight lifting like I do builds stamina and is really cardio itself. I do not do an exercise and then recovery. I like moving. Yes, you will be dead after each cycle. Suck it up. Afterward I will have a protein shake of some sort (Like my Ovaltine Protein Recovery Shake!). Now that the Sunday workout is out of the way let's discuss during the work week. Depending on the day I might workout in the morning or at night. Again, I have no set plan. If it is in the morning I will wake up at 5:30 AM and do a BowFlex Max Trainer workout. This is a 14 minute workout that does the super high intensity then back to low intensity. I like my BowFlex Max Trainer, you should check into one. They are a mix between stair climber and elliptical. They do not take up much space and can do ton's of things on them. I am trying to not run as much as I have in the past and take care of my joints. This machine is easy on the joints. If I am traveling and not into working out, I will wake up at 5:45 AM and hit the hotel gym. Doing a high incline fast walking treadmill workout for 30-45 minutes.

If I workout at night I will just do the same thing I would have in the morning. Pretty simple. If I do not do either one of those I will do an ab workout. I will do a cycle of the following for example. The reps depend on the day, but usually 20 reps each and I will run through it three to four times. So a total of like 300-400 reps.

Flutter Kicks Crunches Mountain Climbers Bicycles Side Crunches

If I decide to go for a run instead for my night workout during the week, I will do a quick 2 mile run. It really is what I feel like doing. I have no set schedule. If all else fails I will go for a walk with my wife or even go for a walk with my wife and then come back and do abs! Walking is really a great thing, do not put it down. Almost everyone can walk, no excuses! So there you have it, my average day. If you have any other questions, hit me up.

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