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World War 3: Stockpiling Food (Do You Have Enough Food?)

With World War III (WWIII) upon us, are you prepared for World War III (WWIII)? While many countries are posturing and nuclear threats have been made, World War III from a citizens perspective is different than a militaries. Here the in the USA, under Biden currently, if World War 3 (WWIII) were to go from cold to hot and start, would you be prepared and able to live in your house for a while? Or would you have to go to the store and stock up? If you are depending on the store to help you if, or once, World War III (WWIII) kicks off, than you are not thinking properly. Grocery stores only hold a finite amount of food. It does not take long for their inventory to dwindle, it is really enough for the area you live in for a day or two if everyone is rushing to get things.

Like during lockdowns when COVID pandemic occurred. I remember that and do not want to experience it again. So we purchase food that we normally eat, and stock up on it so we have a store at our house if you will. For instance, if you like mac and cheese you will need butter, milk and water. I have a good stock of butter in my fridge, and we always have 2-3 gallons of milk in our fridge. But if the power goes out, or that is nor available, we have other options. Like canned or powdered butter and canned powder milk, or long term carton milk. Storing your mac in cheese in canning glass jars and vacuum sealing them extends their life dramatically. So buy them, then move them to the jars I have outlined below. Long term powdered milk and butter can get you a few years shelf life. Canned butter is indefinitely storable in a cool dry place. This is one example.

I say World War 3 in jest, as it really comes down to not caring about what will happen, it is about what could happen. Which no one knows, it could be aliens! I know my great grandparents generation always canned, it was like their religion. That has slowed down as each generation is used to easier and easier times. But with how easily life can be affected with hackers, power grids, economic collapse or world war 3, we should think more like my great grand parents generation. In my opinion.

For instance, if Mrs. Berz wants to make a chicken pot pie we have to have those ingredients. The lazy way is to have canned chicken, cream of chicken, canned green beans, canned carrots, canned corn, etc. Normally she tops with something like biscuits from the fridge. But given the circumstances of WWIII, that is not an option. So either we need to store a biscuit mix and use that or go without it in a bad situation. But, using all canned, it is all cooked, so technically there is no need to heat up. But if you own a camping oven, one you set over your propane stove, you could war it all up, etc.

Stay alert and safe!

Here are some of the Items from the Video:

IRIS USA 16 Quart WEATHERPRO Plastic Storage Containers:

IRIS USA 19 Quart Weathertight Storage Containers:

Simple Houseware Stackable Can Rack Organizer, Chrome:

Red Cow Full Cream Milk Powder, Made from Fresh Milk, Product of Netherlands:

Anchor Full Cream Milk Powder:

Red Feather Creamery Canned Butter Real Butter from New Zealand:

Augason Farms Creamy Chicken Rice Chicken Flavor 2 lbs 12 oz No. 10 Super Can:

Augason Farms Buttermilk Pancake Mix 3 lbs 4 oz #10 Can:

Augason Farms Chicken Noodle Chicken Flavored Soup Mix 2 lb 3.67 oz No. 10 Super Can:

Nutristore | Freeze-Dried Cheesy Chicken and Rice #10 Can:

Nutristore Freeze-Dried Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal #10 Can:

Real Butter Powder by Hoosier Hill Farm, 2LB:

Hoosier Hill Farm Heavy Cream Powder, 1LB:

Anthony's Heavy Cream Powder, 1LB:


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