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What's The Most Comfortable Sleeping Bag Line? (Expensive Better Than Budget?)

What is the most best comfortable sleeping bag? The most best comfortable sleeping bag is clearly the ones that feel great on the body, around your head and feet, and along withnot constrictive. While the Zenbivy Light Bed runs away with that at home feel since it is a modular setup of quilt and bottom pad connector that has a hood, it is not for deep winter. So most of the year, the Zenbivy Light Bed is the way to go. But the Stone Glacier Chilkoot, Feathered Friends Redesigned Ibis, Valandre Bloody Mary and Shocking Blue, Nemo Sonic and Therm-A-Rest Parsec all are fabulously comfortable options! The rest are okay or really bad. With Outdoor Vitals Summit, Kelty Cosmic Ultra and Sierra Designs Cloud rounding out the bottom of the list as the worst. While I do not have every bag, I have enough to give a good comparison on different manufactures, as they all have their highs and lows. Good luck on your search for the perfect bag!

Most Comfortable Sleeping Bags:

1. Zenbivy Light Bed (Not for deep winter)

2. Sierra Designs Mobile Mummy Line

3. Stone Glacier Chilkoot Line

4. Feathered Friends Redesigned Ibis Line

5. Therm-A-Rest Parsec Line

6. Valandre Bloody Mary & Shocking Blue

7. Nemo Sonic Line

8. Eddie Bauer Kara Koram Line

9. Valandre Swing Line

10. Mountain Hardwear Bishop Pass Goretex

11. EMS Mountain Light Line

12. Sierra Designs Cloud Line

13. Kelty Cosmic Ultra Line

14. Outdoor Vitals Summit Line


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