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Concealed Firearm Carriers are Dangerous?

I have had over a decade of talks with numerous people from all walks of life. In these talks I have listened to people on all sides of the gun control fence. Left side, right side, upside and underside! One thing that has always struck me as odd is the demonstration that concealed carriers are dangerous and a murdering flock of morons in some circles on social media. I truly was curious if this was true. I mean there are over 14 million concealed carriers, so I was very much interested in finding out the real deal relating to concealed carriers being a menace to society. So I took to the different state government sites to look into their statistics!

First off was Texas. Why not, everything is bigger in Texas. So why wouldn’t dangerous concealed carriers be more prevalent in Texas? Texas has over 1.1 million permitted concealed handgun license holders. So naturally you would imagine they would have some major convictions of these concealed carriers. I mean they are carrying loaded guns, literally 1.1 million people with guns! But after looking over the numbers I found that 99.98% of these 1.1 million concealed carriers are law abiding. Only 0.02% of the permitted concealed handgun license holders are convicted each year of crimes. Like literally out of 1.1 million concealed carriers only 2 were convicted of murder in 2016. Only 1 convicted of robbery, 2 convicted of kidnapping and 3 convicted of burglary. What they hell is going on here, this is 1.1 million people with guns, where are the overwhelming amount of dangerous idiots wielding their guns?

“Like literally out of 1.1 million concealed carriers only 2 were convicted of murder in 2016.” So I figured it was probably just the fact that is was one state. Maybe Texas was an fluke, it was the unicorn compared to all the other states. So I went on and looked into Kansas. They have over 83,000 concealed carry handgun license holders. Again I was surprised! They had no concealed carry handgun license holders convicted in 2016 of murder, robbery, kidnapping or burglary! They had one person convicted of manslaughter. One out of 83,000+! Kansas had 432 traffic deaths in 2016. So Kansas has 432x more car deaths than deaths attributed to concealed carriers. Put that in perspective!

“So Kansas has 432x more car deaths than deaths attributed to concealed carriers.” So I moved onto other states. Ohio, Michigan and Florida. Again I found these states to be in line with the first two I researched. The average of all these five states is 99.84% of all their concealed carriers are law abiding. Not convicted of crimes each year. Over 4.2 Million concealed carriers. There are over 14 million permitted concealed carriers in the USA. The states used in this article consist of 1/3 of the total concealed carriers in the USA. That is a reputable sample size which shows that concealed carriers, while not perfect, are certainly by and large law abiding. They are statistically 100% law abiding.

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