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Train Your Lady To Shoot an AR-15!

My great gal, Mrs. Berz, takes to the AR-15 for first time like a fish to water. She only took a few instructions, then first time she shot AR-15 she did awesome! Pretty crazy awesome! I kept in some pointers in here because when girls, or anyone, shoots AR-15, or any gun, for first time they always get bad direction. Girls can shoot guns, like AR-15 for first time or any gun, better than guys, just as good as guys, or worse than guys. All depends on the direction given. Always remember below when shooting gun for first time!

1. Fighting stance 2. Shoulders square to the target 3. Buttstock in the shoulder pocket right below chin 4. Lean forward with shoulders 5. Pull in very slightly on the front of gun to make snug connection between you and gun 6. Squeeze trigger and smile!

AR-15 Setup: Lanco Tactical AR-15 Lower VSeven AR-15 Upper JP Enterprises Bolt Carrier Group (BCG) ALG Defense Buffer Tube ALG Defense Advanced Combat Trigger Badger Ordnance Titanium Lower Parts B5 Bravo Buttstock Era3 Rail OSS Banner Alpha Flash Hider Muzzle Brake Radian Weapons Charging Handle and Safety Selector VSeven Extreme Environment Gas Tube VSeven Titanium Gas Block H1 Buffer Tactical Springs Extra Power Chrome Silicon Buffer Spring Bobro Quick Release Aimpoint Micro Mount Aimpoint T2 Micro Red Dot

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