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You MUST Have This In Your Backpack (Best Backpacking Gadget!)

This backpacking must have tool is cheap and will save your inflatable air pad (Therm-A-Rest, Big Agnes, Nemo, Exped, etc.)! A backpacking USB-C air pump saves so much time and lung capacity after long days on the trail! A USB-C backpacking air pump also saves your inflatable pad (Therm-a-rest, Big Agnes, Nemo, Exped, etc.). This must have best USB-C inflatable air pumps are cheap and once you use one, you will realize that some added weight is well worth it after a long day of hiking!

GIGA PUMP 2.0 Electric Portable Air Pump:

GIGA PUMP 4.0 Portable Air Pump:

FLEXTAILGEAR Portable Air Pump MP2 Pro Electric Air Pump:


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