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Long Term Water Storage: Water Preservers Are Bullshit!

So you hear all over the internet to use some sort of water preserver when storing water long term. Say you have some five gallon water containers, like the Scepter Miitary Water Containers I recommend, and you want to store water for SHTF or an Emergency. You might feel pressured to use a water preserver. All these prepper sites and doomsday sites have you worried. If you don't use it you could sip your first sweet sip from you stored water and wham! You got the shitz and are gonna die! Not so fast doomsday site, lets take a long hard look at the science here. So your telling me if someone buys a new container, cleans it out with say Dawn soap, rinses it out, fills it with water they just bought at the store (I like spring water), then screws on the cap and stores it in a cool dry place they need some unicorn urine to save it long term? I am calling bullshit. Particularly when I see places say you need to treat or rotate it every six months! Sounds like someone is making money off the scared people out there just trying to keep things simple and store up some water for an emergency.So I took a container out of my long term storage. It has been stored over three years and I have never used a water preserver. Here is my method of storage.

Purple Means Safe to Drink!

I use Scepter Military Plastic Containers. These are BPA free and do not leech into the water, they are bombproof. I will take some dish soap and clean them out. The rinse them out and dry them out. I like spring water, it contains minerals. Maybe I am strange, but if I can use water as close to nature as possible I will. So I take 5 gallons of spring water from the grocery store. I fill up the container, then spin on the lid. I store it in a cool dry place. Done, that is it! So how can bacteria magically start growing in that situation I asked myself. So I went out and grabbed a EPA Standard drinking water test kit. I unscrewed the lid, poured some water out and into a cup. I put the lid back on and washed my hands as to keep them sanitary before touching the test kit. Then I took the cap off the test vial, filled it up the line, shook it for 20 seconds and sat it in a place that was above 70 degrees and below 90 degrees per the instructions. 48 hours later it showed purple. What a shock! That means no bacteria was present. So if you store your water in good containers, use good water to start with, then you do not have much to worry about. Worse case just run it through your water filter during SHTF/Natural Disaster/Emergency/World War 3/Nuclear Attack/EMP/Economic Collapse/Etc. If you use shitty water or containers, then you should look into a preserver.


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