Modern Minutemen Go-Bag Loadout!

17 Apr 2017

*Note: The "Modern Minuteman" Go-Bag Loadout is a concept based on the history of the Minutemen.

This "Modern Minuteman" Go-Bag Loadout video is geared toward having a go bag which is packed with capability, yet nimble in size. What is most important is quickly getting to the fight/battle. So an emphasis is more placed on response to the threat rather than say food. Those can be brought at a later time during a resupply. If there was some sort of threat in which American citizens are responding we would have resupply as every American would be pulling together to assist each other (for the most part). So I am not worried about packing food for 10 days. What is enough to get you by with food  is where I see this bag's sweet spot. Some might want their "Modern Minuteman" Go-Bag Loadout to be larger to include all kinds of clothing, etc. But for me this is more realistic as the other items are normally on me. 


The first thing you want is a bag. Duh right? Sure, but not every bag is created equal. I want a fighting bag. Something you grab and it is like a Batman belt of hate. I picked the RE Factor Tactical ASO Bag because of the unique design and features. You have some pockets, a large main part and an outside fight pocket that can be quickly deployed. You could grab your rifle and rip that zipper open and have access to a few mags of ammo as well as a medical kit. The two most important parts of being in a gun fight besides your brain. You can carry this bag backpack style or with it's duffel handles. What I have in my outside quick deploy pouch is three (3) AR-15 magazines and a full medical kit. One of the AR-15 magazines is all M855 Green Tip while the others are just FMJ. Options are always nice to have!

In the main compartment's zipped organization pouches on the lid I have a few things. One of them has 32oz of water in a Nalgene bottle, monocular, night vision, gun oil and boresnake, cordage, batteries, and a flash light. Moving to the main compartment itself, I have a broken down AR-15 with a 16" barrel. I have a chest rig by 762 Tactical. On it I have a multi-tool, Gerber Applegate/Fairbairn Folding Knife, Chemlights, smoke, radio,IFAK, GPS, 4 AR-15 magazines, flashlight and topographical maps of the surrounding area from GIS. I also have a Marz Tactical Plate Carrier which I run without the MOLLE side panels. I run it slick, but their slick sides have elastic to hold more magazines. So I have another two (2) magazines on the plate carrier sides. I like this because you can dump the chest rig for increased mobility, still keep your armor and have magazines still on you. So you can carry up to 6 if you wish with the Marz Tactical Plate Carrier. 

On the other inside main compartment zip pouches I have two MRE's. In the video below I do not have it but I now include one change of clothing. So I have boxers, pants, base layer, short sleeve and long sleeve shirt, mid layer, rain jacket, socks and wool hat. This is not the right way to make a Minutemen Go-Bag, it is just my opinion. Having over 300 rounds of ammo, medical, water/quick meal and some electronic capabilities means you can run out the door within seconds. There is only so much you can put into bags, so some things have to be left out unfortunately no matter which bag you pick. 


Historical Knowledge:
"Most Colonial militia units were provided neither arms nor uniforms, and were required to equip themselves. Many simply wore their own farmers' or workmans' clothes, and in some cases they wore cloth hunting frocks."

"Minutemen were members of well-prepared militia companies of select men from the American colonial partisan militia during the American Revolutionary War. They provided a highly mobile, rapidly deployed force that allowed the colonies to respond immediately to war threats, hence the name."

 Gear List:
RE Factor Tactical ASO Bag
10x USGI M4 Magazines
Kerlix Gauze
Ace Bandage
Compression bandage
QuickClot Gauze
Chest Seal
762 Tactical Plain Jane Chest Rig
2x FireForce Double M4 Magazines Pouches
Tactical Tailor Fight Light GPS Pouch
Ares Armor M4 Magazines/Pistol Bungee Pouch
MultiTool Pouch
Gerber Applegate Dagger Folder
USGI Smoke Pouch
USGI Radio Pouch
16" AR-15 w/ B5 Bravo Stock ("Battle Blaster Video Series")
Marz Tactical Plate Carrier
8x Chemlights
Thermal Vision
4Sevens Flashlight
Leatherman SuperTool 300
Vortex Optics Monocular
Spare Batteries
Field Strip MRE
Arc'teryx LEAF Alpha LT Hardshell Jacket

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