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Best Long Term Food Storage for SHTF/Disaster/Emergency!

I like quick fixes for the most part. Set it and forget it. That does not change when it comes to preparing for times of emergency. Some might be planning for SHTF, nuclear attack, economical collapse, world war 3, etc. Doesn't matter the reason, we are all preparing for times when making food might be more difficult than it was before "SHFT" happens. Some might be storing gallons of rice and beans, doing rain water storage. That is just too much for me. I feel the majority of people who do not doing any preparing for times of emergency don't do it because it is just too much work and time. But does it have too be? I do not believe so. In the early 2000's I could see it as a more intensive thing to store food for times of emergency. But now, the sky is the limit. Tons of companies are out there giving great options that are quick to make and taste amazing. They also last a long time, upwards of 25 years! I want to store the throw in a pot with some water and cook it up for 20 minutes and eat.

That is where Valley Food Storage comes into play. I found their stuff on Amazon a few months ago when searching for some new foods. I have been storing up on my favorite meals from HawkVittles. But they are only guaranteed for a year. So I had to rotate and keep track. Pain in the ass in my opinion. So these Valley Food Storage meals last 25 years and are priced around $5.5 for a good man size portion. They come in 5 serving bags, but I believe they are more like 2-3 servings if you are a big burly man like myself. But what good are emergency meals if they taste like cardboard? Well these Valley Food Storage meals taste great. The flavors come through. They use great ingredients like sea salt instead of that crap table salt that blows up your ankles with swelling! As they say "We eliminate all the unhealthy preservatives, hydrogenated oils, MSG’s and many other ingredients that limit the nutritional value, shelf-life, and taste.". What is not to like there?

So if you want to go buy some food and throw it in a Disaster Kit and forget about it, like I do, then check out Valley Food Storage. I have a link below. Hopefully this helps you either get some food stored up, or supplement your disaster kit already. Also check out my Disaster Kit video to see how you can take a Rubbermaid container and turn it into a huge survival container you can grab and go in seconds! LINK TO VALLEY FOOD STORAGE:

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