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Guns, America's First Love!

The one thing that America, and still too a large extent, gushes is freedom. It is really what defines it. Just saying the word makes you feel better. Freedom. Who the hell wouldn't like freedom? It means you are left alone. Left to sink or swim. It is glorious. But what secures such a thing as freedom? I believe America's first love does. Guns. Why do I say guns are America's first love? I say this because of what they provided since America's inception. They provided protection, food, sport and most of all defense from tyranny. What country would want to invade a newly blooming nation that is stocked full of guns? Well, Britain did and were not successful. Which further reinforced guns being America's first love. Without them freedom does not exist.

Now back in the 1700's people did not spend as much time as they do not customizing them and posting selfies with them. They did not have time to do such a thing. It was a different time. But they certainly appreciated their guns. They knew exactly what they provided them. Freedom. Did people back then look to guns when someone shot someone else? No, people had more sense then. They did not look to take away guns from law abiding citizens. They knew those citizens were apart of the team. The team that would be there to defend the nation, defend their fellow country men and women. Now if you committed a crime with a gun, they looked at that differently. They saw what you were capable of doing with a gun and they did not look kindly to someone doing harm to another person unprovoked or not in defense of oneself. While today we have a military as our first line of defense as a country, our citizens should not be minimized. People now a days minimize armed citizens, throw them into the same category as criminals! This is nonsense. When over 99% of all guns are not used in crimes each year, we must look at it for what it is. It is the cost of a living in a free country.

That might be hard for some to swallow. But it is the truth. People might say, "you don't know what it is like to be in a "gun violence" situation". You would be wrong. I was a direct victim of someone who came to work one day and decided to use a gun in a violent manner. He killed the Director of our department, then looked around and pondered some thoughts while looking at employees, then committed suicide. This all happened in seconds, but it felt like minutes. So I know exactly what is like to be victim of someone shooting people completely out of the blue. I choose to stick with America's first love. I carry a gun where applicable and where I am permitted with my multiple concealed carry licenses. I push for tougher laws for people who commit crimes with guns. I push for people who have protect from abuse orders against them to be prohibited from purchasing guns during the time of the order. I push for common sense all the while still appreciating America's first love.

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