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Modern Firestarter Kit (Survival, Camping, Backpacking, SHTF)

My Magpul Daka Pouch Firestarter Kit.

In todays world there are many options for making firestarting kits. I believe every backpack, disaster kit, etc. should contain a firestarting kit. So your backpacks, get home bags, bug out bags, car survival

Improvised Swedish Torch!

packs, natural disaster kits, etc. Doesn't matter if it is backpacking, SHTF, World War III preparations, economic collapse or anything else, just make a firestarting kit! Starting a fire is key to survival, period. Modern materials provide many different options in both fire making and in being a container for the firestarting materials. There are three types of pouches/containers you can use for a firestarting kit. Water proof, water resistant and everything else. I recommend water proof and resistant. Everything else is a joke in my book. Even water resistant is questionable and runs some risk of your firestarting kit becoming wet or damp. You can see my kit in detail in the video below.

Below are my recommendations for making a modern firestarting kit.

POUCH/CONTAINER Magpul DAKA Pouch (Water Resistant): Otterbox/Pelican Small Case (Water Proof):

QUICK TINDER Burner Fire Starters: Instafire Fire Starter Pouches: Doan Magnesium Fire Starter Tool: Petroleum Jelly Soaked Dryer Lint!

SPARKERS/FLAMERS Ultimate Survival Technologies Spark Force Firestarter: UCO Stormproof Match Kit with Waterproof Case: UCO Titan Match Kit with Waterproof Case: DJeep Lighter:

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