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The $35 NBC Suit for SHTF! (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical & Epidemic Events)

Having something on hand, like an NBC suit, in case of SHTF, nuclear, biological, pandemic/epidemic or chemical events is something becoming more and more mainstream. With recent discussions of nuclear war or world war 3 with Russia, North Korea, China, terrorists, etc. it is something that has moved up on peoples lists in regard to preparedness. But they can be very costly if you do not measure out what your needs should be. Do you need the most expensive thing used by professionals? Do you need everything possible for protection? I believe the answer is no. You have to evaluate the possibilities. With me living within 100 miles from Washington D.C. it is something that I have to acknowledge (a disaster). On top of that, for 30 years of my life I lived a few miles from Three Mile Island. So being prepared is nothing new to me. But I say do not make preparing your life!

So what is needed in case of SHTF? I believe a decent suit which will shield you, but doesn't break the bank is a good thing to have. What I put together is a $35 nuclear, biological and chemical suit. Is it something that gives you 100% protection from everything? No. But it is something that will get you through an attack. Let's look at nuclear. If a nuclear bomb fell and you were within the area in which fallout will well fall, then having this suit will allow you to evacuate and not have the nuclear particles fall directly on you. Think of this suit as disposable. The thing with nuclear is nothing will stop the radiation from penetrating you body, although I recommend taking IOSAT Potassium Iodide Tablets in conjunction with the suit. But the suit will keep away the dangerous particles falling from the sky. It is a get you out of dodge suit. So you will need to be cleaned off once you get wherever you are going so you do not contaminate anything. Then take the suit off carefully without touching the outside with your skin/hands.

The same thing goes for things like Ebola. You can wear this suit and greatly decrease your chances of not getting Ebola if it were spreading. But as studies have shown it is when you take off the suit that people get infected. So be careful no matter what taking off the suit! So what is this $35 NBC Suit for SHTF? It consists of a Dupont TyChem QC hooded suit, chemical resistant gloves, Tyvek booties, splash proof glasses, duct tape and a N100 respirator. Now could you use a gas mask? Sure, but I do not believe it is necessary for the main things that could happen. I would want one during a chemical attack but that is low on the possibility list, so using an N100 respirator will suffice for the majority of possibilities. You could upgrade the suit for $10 and get a TyChem SL suit (White). It resists about 120 chemicals, where the TyChem QC suit (Yellow) resists 40 chemicals. Up to you. This is a good suit that is relatively cheap to purchase that can sit with your disaster kit and will get you a step in the right direction toward being more prepared without breaking the bank.


3M P100 Respirator:

3M Chemical Splashproof Goggles:

Dupont Tychem QC Suit:

Dupont Tychem SL Suit: Chemical Resistant Gloves:

Tyvek Booties:

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