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The 80/20 Prepper Rule for SHTF!

I have seen people get really specific when it comes to "SHTF". You have got to have everything and prepare for anything. It is really a dog chasing it's tail in my opinion. Can you prepare for all things? No, you can't. You might think you have, but it is not possible. The show Doomsday Preppers is a perfect example. Almost all of those people are preparing for a certain incident, while missing the boat on other issues. If they prepared more generically it would be better. But I am off track now. I believe in the 80/20 prepper rule for SHF. What does that mean? Let me enlighten you. There is only so much "prepping" people can do. I believe you need to have things in place for emergencies, but you also have to live. The constant state of heightened alert of constantly "prepping" is what turns people off from being ready for emergencies. Wouldn't it be better if there was a way to have more people somewhat prepared than them not at all ready for emergencies because all they saw was people dedicating their lives to the what if?

The 80/20 rule I speak of is you need to live your life 80 percent and prepare 20 percent of the time. I truly believe in getting things in order, setting it aside in case of emergency and then living your life the rest of the time. So for instance, I have 5 gallon water containers, backpacking packs setup, 5 gallon gasoline containers and a disaster kit (check out my disaster kit video!). I also have guns obviously. So if an emergency happens I can grab any combination of things, throw them in the car and leave within 10 minutes. With the three (3) containers of gas and the gas mileage I get I could travel around 400-500 miles without hitting a gas station. I would have 15 gallons of fresh spring water and all the capabilities with multiple backpacking packs which were already setup.

What is going to matter is your ability to problem solve if a disaster happens, or SHTF for all you preppy preppers! You cans spend $35 bucks on a NBC suit from items purchased on Is it a military grade, blah, blah, blah. No. But it will certainly keep you protected from nuclear particulates in the event of a nuclear attack and from chemical or biological attacks. Also, have a plan! Without a plan your toast. But remember it probably won't go example as planned. But going through the motions of your plan once a year will assist in problem solving if an emergency actually happens. Having tons of gear means nothing if you cannot improvise and adapt on your feet. Prepping is not difficult, it should be set it and forget it in my opinion.

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