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SHTF/Emergency Backpack Setup Plan

I Love Nature!

I see lot's of videos and articles in relation to SHTF, emergency, natural disasters, nuclear attack, emp, etc. I always ask myself the question when seeing these videos, "how quickly can you mobilize and leave if SHTF or an emergency were to happen. If you are told to evacuate due to hurricane, etc. how fast can you get out and how much capability will you be able to take with you? I can remember watching that show Doomsday Preppers. It was more entertaining than serious due to the fact that they had a lot of people on there who had plans, but never really tested their plans. So the one with the girl who threw a backpack on and took to the road as if she were living after a SHTF situation really was eye opening. You can buy all the gear you want, but if you are not in shape that is your weakest link. You are the weakest link, goodbye!

My Original Disaster Kit Contents. Since Updated.

In all my emergency kit videos I always state my plan. Here is a quick overview. I have military water containers with 15+ gallons of spring water in them, military gas containers with 15 gallons of gas, a backpack full of kit for each person and my ever so popular Disaster/Emergency Kit container. This can all be packed into my vehicle in around 10-15 minutes at most. That is assuming newer cars still work! You should have backpacks packed up with gear. Each pack should have containers, cordage, knife, firestarting kit, tent/tarp(s), sleeping bag, water filter, cook kit, ax, medical kit, survival saw, gloves, sleeping pad, food, and tp gear for your bunghole at a minimum. The thing I love about my plan is we have multiple packs, so the gear is mostly redundant. This means if a water filter breaks, no problem we have 3 or 4. But the best part is quickness. Having all that in a pack means grab and go. Throw all your stuff in the car and go. If you can't use a car, no problem just grab the packs and go. Make sure to have a few plans!

Keeping Current with Bushcraft Skills!

Obviously your environment will dictate some of your gear you purchase. You cannot survive in Alaska with the same stuff you need for Arizona. So having all the stuff I do and packed the way I do yields quick evacuation or bug out for all you SHTF people out there. Some people might ask about guns in an SHTF situation. If you have a range bag with ammo in it or a hunting bag that will suffice. It is easy to grab guns, but the magazines and ammo are the bulk stuff. So I say have a bag with just ammo in it that you can grab and go. Even .50 cal cans are easy enough to grab and throw in a car. You are only going to have so much room, so find what your needs are, do a practice run and figure out what can go and what cannot go. Do not wait until an emergency to figure out packing the vehicle and trying to fit stuff in that you could have found out would not fit in the first place. If you want some links to items in my disaster kit container please see below!

Medical Bag Link:

Katadyn 10L Gravity Water Filter:

Sea to Summit Bowl:

Mora of Sweden Knife:

Solar Lantern w/ Crank:

40oz Stainless Kleen Kanteen:

MSR IsoButane Canister Stand:

MSR Pocket Rocket Stove:

Crank/Solar Emergency Radio:

3M N95 Adult Respirators:

InstaFire FireStarter:

Valley Food Storage Meals:

Industrial Water Containers:

Raw American Honey 32oz:

Survival Garden and Herb Seeds:

Scrubba Portable Laundry Washer:

Patriot Pantry Franklins Finest:

EFS Drink Mix Single Serving, 10 Pouches:

Bushcraft by Mors Kochanski:

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