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Most Important SHTF/Emergency Item to Buy!

One quick look around the internet world will get you confused on what the hell you need in a SHTF situation. Do you need food, water, toilet paper (ask the wife for coupons!), fire making kit, etc.? Well there are some things that are needs, like absolute needs. While other things are wants. You need certain things to live when our turn the faucet of easy living gets turned off. They might not seem important now because life is easy as hell for the most part. When the dollar menu at McDonalds is not around, you butt hole begins to pucker with the thought of how to eat quickly with minimal energy output and for cheap. So what is the most hella needed item in an SHTF situation? Let's discuss first some things that are non-essential.

BOTTLED WATER I know, I know. Water is the most important thing in a SHTF/disaster situation! I agree. But bottled water is not the route to go. Hell it is not even economical. Put the unicorn enchanted Evian water

Get Containers Like These!

down! Chemicals leach into the water, the bottle break down over time and it just is not the most economical way to carry water. If you want to save some water, get some 5 gallon plastic military containers. You can throw them in your car and leave quickly in a SHTF/Bug Out/Disaster evacuation situation. They are going to last as they are built to last. Unlike crappy plastic water bottles that are meant to use and throw away. The Scepter style water containers are made for Military life. They will not let you down, particularly when you need them most in a emergency situation. But, they are not the answer, they are part of the answer. Keep reading too find the best water item to purchase. Check my video below for my recommendation. Click the link if you want to purchase them. LINK:​ MRE PACKS I hear this one a lot. MRE's are easy to eat, don't need heated up and pack tons of calories (and

Get Valley Food Storage and Save Money!

constipation). It is a great option to have around. But not in bulk. The cost of a case (12) of MRE's is around $120. For that same price you could buy ten (10) Valley Food Storage meals (or equivalent type meals). They are 5 servings each, but I would say they are two (2) or three (3) servings each for a nice big man portion! They are also much lighter and take up less room (unless you field strip the MRE and repackage it). So you can get twice the amount of meals for the same price. Now yes you will need a pot to cook in and make the Valley Food Storage meals, but that is easily purchased with the savings in money. Also they taste fantastic, something that can keep moral up in a crap situation. That cannot be said with most MRE's! If you want to check out Valley Food Storage meals check out the link below. LINK:

ELECTRONICS Lot's of people get smitten by electronics. GPS, camcorders, smart phones, etc. But in a bad situation these will go out the window. They will, in my opinion, be something that is used the least. Now that is not to mean all electrical devices like flash lights, walkie talkies, ham radios and the such are bad. But things used now to store things like music, video and audio will most likely be a little or no use. A GPS is good to have, but it would not be the first thing I would buy. Learn land navigation, buy some maps and get a few good compasses.

So now that we have discussed a few things not to run out and purchase, let us discuss the number one thing you must have in a SHTF/Disaster/Emergency situation!

WATER FILTER You cannot live without water. Period. Given a recommendation across many institutions is (obviously slightly different given the environment your in) around at least 1/2 gallon of water per person per

The MSR Gravity Water Filter Kit Rocks!

day. That is not just drinking water as there is water in the food you eat that helps add up your water intake total for the day. The best water filter I have used and recommend is the MSR Gravity Filter or the Platypus Gravity Filter (Same parent company). The key difference in how they test their water filters compared to many. They test for filtration performance at end of life instead of new as many in the industry do. That means you can count on their filter throughout it's life. That too me is important. After I talked with MSR I was highly impressed with their attention to details and making sure people can count on their water filtration products. The other big thing is it is a gravity water filter. So there is no pumping and lot's of energy can be saved. You throw the crap water in the bag, hang up the bag and watch your drinkable water come out of the tube. Link below to the one I have in multiple kits. LINK:

In conclusion you will need some containers to put the water in, you cannot just live with this one item (a water filter). But in my opinion it is the most important to living. Bottom line, put together a good kit. Check out my latest video on a SHTF/Emergency/Disaster Kit to get an idea of my methodology on the subject.

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