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Prana Bronson Outdoor Pants

The Prana Bronson Pant is amazing. What the Prana Bronson Pant does is give you a little stretch, a gusseted crotch, DWR treatment and triple stitching construction! But you do pay for all that at around $70 per pair, which is very high. I got my Prana Bronson Pants for outdoor activities and have had them from the North East forests to the South West desert environment and these pants are turning into pants I just grab by default, and they should be at the price I paid. The part I noticed the most is how much they allow the user to be limber if you will. Bending down, climbing mountains and even getting in and out of vehicles has proven to be much easier. Now what do I mean? Well it is the gusseted crotch combined with the little amount of stretch these pants have. They make it as if there is nothing in your way. Now if you have ever done tactical movements, dismounting from a vehicle to clear and secure an area you will know what I mean. Even going to a good tactical class, like ones led by Rich Graham at Trident Fitness, will get you in some bendy movements. With jeans or even a lot of pants out there you will notice some resistance when you crouch down.

A good tactical pant will be built to overcome this issue, but they are super heavy usually. These Prana Bronson Pants I got for dual purpose, and that is tactical and outdoor. The biggest thing I noticed was when running in these pants, you can really run. No movement constrictions thanks to the great construction and with these being triple stitched, I have had no issues with durability. They are soft on the feel, yet micro-sand finished for durability, which I can say works. They have a DWR finish to them, which I have noticed really helps in moderate weather, obviously a monsoon is not going to be held at bay, but it is a decent DWR job. As far as fit goes, I read a lot of review on these with people saying they are big in the waist and legs. So based off that I got a 34 waist, now mind you I am a 35 waist and normally get 36 waist due to concealed carry. I got the 34 waist in the mail expecting them to be slightly large, but was disappointed to find them basically a 34 waist. So, do not believe all the reviews out there on and I think REI was the other place I looked, just get your size and you will be fine. They are a slight thinner to large bottom opening to accommodate boots with a reinforced bottom to resist wear and tear.

I would like to see a earth green color added, as they only have two colors available. And adding two additional belt loops would be nice, as to make these pants perfect for concealed carry the addition of those two belt loops would be needed. But when finding the balance in items we buy, you have to sometimes sacrifice being perfect in one area to accommodate another area. As a all around pant that you can just grab and go, these are it. Now these are not made in the USA, so eating the price of these pants is nasty. The thing that makes up for it is the amazing construction and durability I have experienced. This is my first Prana experience and I will be back to them for some future business after buying these great pants.

Specifications: Stretch canvas with peached finish Triple needle stitching for durability Reinforced rivet detailing 5-Pocket styling with fixed waist and belt loops Full inseam gusset DWR - Durable Water Resistant 98% Cotton, 2% Spandex

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