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Therm-A-Rest Parsec 0° Down Sleeping Bag (7° Test!)

I took it out in 7 degree temperatures with industry certified thermometers and tested it out! I would not recommend Thermarest Parsec 0° Down Sleeping Bag below 5 degrees after my usage and testing. It might work at 0 degrees, but I can confirm a good night in 5 degrees. With space to add a small insulation layer to extend the bag rating a little! The Therm-A-Rest Parsec 0° Down Sleeping Bag is comfy, well thought out and has even warmth! Here are the results!

Air Temp: 7° Degrees

Starting Temp In Bag: 32.1° Degrees

5 Minute Bag Temp: 55.4° Degrees

10 Minute Bag Temp: 65.4° Degrees

15 Minute Bag Temp: 72.6° Degrees

20 Minute Bag Temp: 76.6° Degrees

25 Minute Bag Temp: 78.8° Degrees

30 Min Bag Temp: 80° Degrees

35 Min Bag Temp: 80.9° Degrees

40 Min Bag Temp: 81.6° Degrees

45 Min Bag Temp: 82° Degrees

From Therm-A-Rest:

"Whether on an overnight snowshoe, ski tour or just a quiet, off-season backpack, the Parsec 0F/-18C sleeping bag provides plenty of warmth for winter pursuits. Filled with highly compressible 800-fill Nikwax Hydrophobic Down™ that absorbs 90% less water and dries 3x faster than untreated down, the Parsec keeps you warm and dry in wet conditions. The ultralight 20-denier GRS-certified 100% recycled nylon shell is a smart choice for saving weight and the planet, while the new anti-snag YKK® zipper prevents wear and tear with easy entries and exits. Improved—and optional—SynergyLink™ Connectors strap to your sleeping pad to keep your sleeping bag in place to boost comfort and overall warmth efficiency. A refined shape shaves up to 2 oz off the previous version while adding a bit of girth in the shoulder to accommodate more clothing layers. Cold feet in the dead of winter? Not a chance, our down-lined Toe-asis™ foot pocket keeps your feet cozy all night long."


Size: Regular

SKU 11399

Color Larch

Weight (Standard) 2 lbs 6 oz

Weight (Metric) 1.09 kg

Width (Standard) 31.5 in

Length (Standard) 80 in

Height (Standard) 5.5 in

Fits (Standard) 72 in

Fits (Metric) 183 cm

Girth, Shoulder (Standard) 63 in

Girth, Shoulder (Metric) 160 cm

Girth, Hip (Standard) 58 in

Girth, Hip (Metric) 147 cm

Girth, Foot box (Standard) 46 in

Girth, Foot box (Metric) 117 cm

Packed dimension (Standard) 8 x 9 in

Packed dimension (Metric) 20 x 23 cm

EN Comfort (C) -10 C

EN Comfort (F) 14 F

EN Limit (C) -18 C

EN Limit (F) 0 F

Fill material 800 Fill Goose Nikwax Hydrophobic Down RDS

Fill weight (Standard) 1 lbs 10 oz

Fill weight (Metric) 0.74 kg

Shell fabric 100% Recycled Nylon RipStop w/ DWR

Lining fabric 100% Recycled Nylon RipStop

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