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Hunting Pack Setup for 2023! (Mystery Ranch, Eberlestock or Hill People Gear?)

My Hunting Pack Setup for 2023 is different. I like Hill People Gear and Mystery Ranch over what I used last year, Eberlestock. The main hunting pack need, the best packs, is ability to stow your rifle. If you hunt in areas hard to get to, stowing rifle is a must! The best hunting pack setup has a quick access area, stowing rifle and a easy to get to main pouch.

I converted my Hill People Gear Ute pack to suite my needs, but it felt to busy and while it would work, I wanted something more compact yet have the same features. I saw the new Mystery Ranch Pop Up 40 and was intrigued. I got the Mystery Ranch Pop Up 40` and moved my Hill People Gear Rifle Stock Pocket Pouch and Canteen pouch over to it and it works well! This is what I will use deer hunting in 2023. Post about your elk, deer, bear, whitetail buck, caribou hunting setup below!


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