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Glock, M&P, SIG & XD Suck For Wilderness Carry! (Bears, Mountain Lions, Etc.)

Do Glock, M&P, XD and SIG suck against bears and mountain lions for wilderness pistol carry? Dangerous game while backpacking means you should have a solid gun like a revolver. But, are semi-autos just as reliable as revolvers? The best bear backup gun, can be a solid 10MM from Glock, M&P, XD or SIG. But people always say revolvers always work, even when something is directly against the muzzle. True! Now, semi-auto like Glock, M&P, SIG and XD, do not fire if the muzzle is pressed against something like a brown grizzly bear! But, if you have a light on the Glock 20, P320-XTEN, M&P 10MM or XD-M® Elite 4.5" OSP you will not have that issue. A Surefire X300 Ultra protrudes from the from, provides 1,000 Lumens and is made for abuse.

Get one, slap it on your wilderness (like Alaska) semi-auto pistol and feel safe against black bear, brown bear, grizzly bear, mountain lions, moose, boar, and more!

SureFire X300 Ultra LED Handgun or Long Gun Weaponlight:


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