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It's a Tool, Not a Jewel!

The one thing I hear a lot of, believe me making videos to release in the wild comes with it's negatives, is people asking me questions and making dumb-ass comments about wear and tear. This is particularly in relation to gun finishes like camo spray painting and cerakote. Questions and comments like: "OMG, why would you put spray paint on an expensive gun!", "I am not spray painting my $3k gun", "What idiot puts Krylon on their gun, the value just sunk to zero!", "Does cerakote last? I do not want to spend the money and then have scratches on my gun", etc. I have literally heard it all. I get why people would not want to scratch their gun. My dad is one of those people, haha. Some people look at their guns different than others. But in the end your guns are tools. Do you buy a hammer and never use it? Maybe if you a single chick, but a dude? If so please turn in your man card right now!

So why do people paint their guns? Mostly to blend in to their environment, maybe because they like the look, maybe they are preparing for the Russian invasion, who knows! They do it and their is nothing wrong with it. Most of those people will hit gun courses, tear up their guns by using the shit out of them. Granted their are people who get cerakote camo jobs and then throw them in the gun safe. If I am spening that kinda money on a cerakote job it is not to look pretty, it is to hold up better for either concealed carry or in general. Jamming my gun against barriers, etc. I use it as a tool. This gets back to my "One Gun To Rule Them All" article.

To the people saying camo'ing your gun is stupid, well I can just easily sand it down and repaint it black like it was normally if I want to sell one of my guns. I have done that in the past. But my SPR AR-15 rifle I would sell with the camo job it has on it now. It is meant to have some sort of camo on it. There is always a market for almost any gun. People forget that. There is a part of the market that likes camo jobs and a part that just want a plain vanilla black gun. To say though that spray painting lowers the value is idiotic. It is valuable to the person who owns it. It runs the same as it would otherwise, it is just painted. Get off your high basement dwelling keyboard commando horse!

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