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How to Care for Axe Handles!

So you got your new axe. A lovely one. Maybe it is a Wetterlings, Council Tool or Gränsfors Bruk. Make sure to take care of your axe handle! If you do not your axe will not last very long before you are whining about having to replace it. Luckily it is easy to take care of your axe handles. Simple purchase some raw linseed oil. It should last for decades if this is all you use it for. Make sure to grab some disposable gloves and something like blue work towels. Put some of the raw linseed oil on the blue work towel, wipe it all over the axe handle and let it sit for 5 minutes.

Raw linseed oil is different that boiled in that it takes a long time to dry. But you get a longer lasting finished product in my opinion.

After 5 minutes grab a new blue work towel and wipe off the excess linseed oil off the axe handle. Then let the axe sit and dry for a few days before use. Make sure to hit the top of the axe handle too with the linseed oil. Anywhere you see wood, hit it with the linseed oil. The items I use when taking care of my axe handles are below!



NOTE: Linseed oil is the most likely to self-combust, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Linseed oil manufacturers suggest putting rags, paper towels, etc., soaked with linseed oil in a metal can full of water. You'll want to tightly seal the lid and take the can to your local hazardous waste site for disposal.

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