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One Gun to Rule Them All!

The gun makers are not going to like this article! I see so many people buy tons of guns. Gobs and gobs of guns are bought every day in the USA. But what the hell are people buying them for? Around 60% of them buy them to "plink" with at the range. They enjoy shooting targets at the range kind of in a static way. I will admit, playing games like knock out and such is fun too do. Shooting in general can be competitive and a great thrill. People hit their first bulls-eye and such. But what get's lost in many people buying guns is their value of quantity over quality. There are some shit companies making guns. Buy they sell because maybe they, to some people, look cool or whatever. Then when someone who truly uses their gun everyday for say concealed carry gets it stippled, the plinker's jaw drops at the price. Maybe you want to Cerakote your gun to get some extra protection because you concealed carry. Your CCW gun rubs against you and your holster. Cerakote will get you a much longer life than the original finish. But people will say "why would you spend a couple hundred on Cerakoting your gun?".

I find there are two main kind of gun owners. The users and the buyers. If you hit the range a few times a years, stand in front of a target and plink I do not see you as a user. If you hunt, concealed carry or hit courses for home defense then you are a user. What I have found and always followed is not buying guns on top of guns. First off I am not a multi-millionaire. Secondly it never made sense to me. Buying and using a gun is a very personal decision. I look at it as adding a part to your family. But all to many times people buy a gun just to post a picture on Facestagram and show it off. Half the time it is some piece of crap gun at that. Then the gun either stays in it's case or gets put in a gun safe. It is taken out, taken to the range only for the owner to show a picture of the target on Facebook showing it shooting low and left to say the gun's sights are off. No dumb ass it is you!

Getting more to the point here. When buying a gun, buy it for a purpose. Now we live in America, so I am not saying not to buy a guns. I am giving my opinion. I would rather walk the walk than talk the talk so to speak. Do not buy multiple calibers and guns for concealed carry. Buy one, make it your own. Instead of buying four guns for $1,500 you could buy one and customize it to you for less. It would look unique, fit your perfect and perform way better than any of the four you bought instead combined. Stippling, barrels, grips, slide work. It all gains you something if you know how to use your gun. So make your guns your own. Hit the range and do dynamic drills, hit some courses. Do not be lazy, your guns deserve better than that!

Here are some things I have found great in customizing my guns to me. Maybe you will like them too!

Raven Concealment FREYA Glock Magwell:

Jagerwerks Slide Work:

Heinie Ledge Pro Glock Sights:

Lightfighter Innovations Stippling:

Mad Custom Coatings Cerakote:

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