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Light Fighter Innovations: Stippling Done Right!

Chris of Light Fighter Innovations

Did you ever look at your Glock, or any other polymer pistol, and say "shit". Literally say "shit". It just is so boring, slick and straight up pathetic? Kinda like Hillary Clinton. I know I have. That is why I reached out to Light Fighter Innovations a few years back. I saw them on Instagram tearing it up with photos of their kick ass molding and stippling they do on polymer guns like Glocks. Being a pro-Unicorn person and pushing a full rainbow agenda, the work Light Fighter Innovations was and is doing appealed to me. Anyone can stipple their gun, unless your like me (Check out this video on my attempt)! But to really get into advanced stuff beyond a simple stipple job you need to go to a pro.

The first reason is because they have done hundreds more stipple and molding jobs than you. So they can show you photos of their work in the wild with the ideas you might have. You seeing something and doing it yourself runs the risk of a crap stipple job. On top of that, you might be good a simple dot stipple but companies like Light Fighter Innovations can provide multiple textures of stippling. They have tried things, worked with tons of people and have the experience and skill you probably do not. So bottom line, go get it done by a pro!

Before and After of LFI's Fix on My Glock!

My first Glock that was stippled and molded by Light Fighter Innovations was one I messed up. I decided to be a stipple king one day and really messed up my Glock. In a crazed rage I hit Instagram up and checked out who was kicking ass with stipple jobs. One company kept coming up in my searches, Light Fighter Innovations. Photo after photo I was impressed. Both with Chris's, the owner, workmanship and his choices in whiskey. I reached out to him and discussed my dilemma. He said to me that I sure had messed up my Glock, but that he could fix it. I was amazed at how he would fix it. Mainly because you can always take material off a stipple/molding job but not put it back on. I had taken a good amount away particularly in the mag release area. So we talked further about what he would do, undercuts, etc. I sent it off and was waited to see what he did with it.

LFI's New Sprinkle Pattern!

I got a text from Chris with a picture of one side of the Glock I messed up a couple of weeks later. It was what he had done on the magazine release side. I was floored and amazed at the magical fingers he applied to it. It looked like I never grip fucked it in the first place. He said he was working on the other side and would send it back. I got it back and again was astonished. Perfection was what came to mind. The undercuts were precise and the stippling done was devine. He had to follow my original outline where I stippled, cause he cannot make a stippled area look OEM. I do not think anyone can. But man it looks and performs awesome.

LFI Always Pays Attention to Details!

Now recently here I had another Glock which was still OEM. I reached out to him about doing something small with it. He talked me into doing what he calls his sprinkle stipple pattern. It is a little more aggressive than the normal dot one, but not too aggressive. He calls it a medium traction. On this Glock I asked him to do a gas pedal for the thumb support. Some companies to this for downward pressure to control upward recoil. I figure I would try it out. Boy was I glad I did. It is not bothersome while concealed carrying but does provide a little extra grip from the regular dot pattern. He did another masterful job. Everyone I have sent his way always tell me how impressed they are with the work he does on their guns.

So if you are in the market for customizing your Glock or any polymer gun, checkout Light Fighter Innovations. A veteran owned and operated business doing killer stippling and molding on polymer guns and accessories.

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