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Silencerco Threaded Glock Barrels

When you say or hear Silencerco you know quality is involved. After hearing about Silencerco for a while I decided to checkout their offerings. I ended up getting a Glock 19 threaded barrel (they only offer threaded ones. They sell silencers, duh!). Now I have shot stock Glock barrels and ones from KKM Precision, Wilson Combat and others. There are some tells when you get a barrel. When looking at a stock barrel over a new barrel, like a match barrel, you will see tighter tolerances. It is one reason they squeeze more performance out of the gun. Stock Glocks have a little looser tolerances to account for better reliability with various ammunition. The tighter you get tolerances the more you might run into some ammo just not working. So there is a give and take with getting new barrels for any gun. The Silencerco Glock Threaded Barrels come sexy as hell. Packaged perfectly and looking glimmering in their prom dress. They are unique in that they have a cutout which says Silencerco at the locking block, versus a full square shape. Upon test fitting, it went right into my Glock 19 and operated perfect during dry fire.

I lubed it up and slide it in for final assembly. Jenna Jameson is familiar with this process. Upon my first range trip I had decent expectations, given Silencerco's reputation for making excellent parts. I had a KKM Precision barrel and a stock Glock barrel. I shot them all at 10 yards, relatively close but still far enough away to see slight differences. I noticed the Silencero was stacking bullets on each other while the others were not. After the first trip to the range I was impressed. Since I had shot a few hundred rounds, including carry ammo, I felt comfortable using the barrel in my concealed carry Glock 19. My next usage live of the barrel was at my buddy Nate Murr's house. I went over there to shoot some videos and hang out and we decided to do a friendly contest. Each shooting one round at 5, 15, 25, 40 and 50 yards on a reduced size AR500 silhouette target. I was very curious as to how the barrel would perform given the longer distances that I originally shot with it. Again it dominated. I hit multiple times from 50 yards, missing only once which was on me. Using this barrel in conjunction with my Heinie Straight Eight sights is a rock solid setup. So again, I shot about a hundred rounds on that day while further getting a feel for the barrel.

The next time I hit the range it was doing some vehicle CQB drills at Murr's range. He ran me through a bunch of drills, magazine changes, etc. I shot around three hundred rounds. The distance was varied. Behind barriers, etc. Still with over a thousand rounds through the barrel up until this point I had zero malfunctions. Since then I have shot with this barrel time and time again. I don't have to explain each time I hit the range, you get the point. It works, it is accurate and dependable. I have used FMJ and carry ammo and it have cycled all of them successfully. When looking at the Silencerco barrel compared to the stock one it provides a tighter casing fit. When you put a round in the barrel of a stock barrel versus the Silencerco you will hear less movement. Again, Glock makes them this way to allow for a high level of sucess with tons of types of ammo. I have not seen any issues with the Silencerco barrel, but I cannot say it will work with all ammo's like a stock barrel would. But I feel safe to say it would with most. I have used Winchester 124gr. NATO, Winchester T-Series 127gr +P, Remington UMC 115gr, FMJ, Blazer Brass 115gr FMJ, TulAmmo 115gr. FMJ and Federal 124gr. HST with the Silencerco barrel. Never had a malfunction to date. If you want a good barrel that allows the ability to put a silencer on your Glock, I highly recommend the Silencerco.

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