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Best Couples Tent for Car Camping/Glamping!

This is the best couples tent for car camping/glamping! We have used our Marmot Limestone 4p for car camping now going on over four years and feel it is the best couples tent for car camping/glamping. When looking for the best couples tent for car camping/glamping, a few things to think about. Firstly you want durability. This Marmot Limestone 4p has held up through wind, rain, snow, etc. I once had it in a crazy windy storm and it wasn't budging while other peoples tents were blowing down. Design of a tent can be the difference between feel good and feeling like crap when weather hits! Ventilation also is a huge thing. If your tent does not vent well, it will become a mess. There will be condensation on the inside and eventually lead to a wet floor area. This Limestone 4p allows you to vent in multiple areas. The main vent in the rear is nice and large. Your sleeping bag is what will keep you warm in cold weather, so do not worry about leaving air into your tent in cold weather.

Secondly you want ease of use. This Marmot Limestone 4p is easy to setup, store and live in! It holds up well as I have used it in over a dozen trips. Great materials means durability. But weight comes into play with the more durability you have normally. So this is not for backpacking. Use this tent for car camping or glamping. Do not try and hike this bad boy on the trail! The Marmot Limestone 4p has it all. So if you want the best couples tent for car camping/glamping, look no further than the Marmot Limestone 4p, it has been awesome for us and we have used a bunch of tents over the years from Eureka!, MSR, Swiss Gear, Nemo Equipment, Kelty and more.

Feature List: DAC DA17 Poles

Stuff Sack Size 27.5 x 10in | 70 x 26cm

Tent Floor Fabric 150d 100% Nylon Oxford, 3000mm, W/R, F/R

Tent Canopy Fabric 40d 100% Polyester No-See-Um Mesh F/R | 70d 100% Polyester Taffeta F/R

Tent Fly Fabric 68d 100% Polyester Ripstop 1800mm, W/R, F/R

Tent Vestibule Area(s) 21 sq ft, 1.95 sq m

Tent Floor Area 60 sq ft, 5.57 sq m

Tent Dimensions 61 x 86 x 100in | 156 x 218 x 254cm

Tent Pole Data 4 / DAC DA17 12mm

Tent Min Weight (Poles, Body, Fly) 10lbs 8oz (4763g)

Tent Max Weight 11lbs 12oz (5330g)

Tent Packed Size (In Stuff Sack) 27.5 x 10in (70 x 26cm)

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