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B5 Systems Bravo Stock

B5 Systems Bravo Stock

The B5 Systems Bravo Stock for AR-15/AK47/AK74/Etc. is my favorite stock. It is lightweight, strong and ergonomic. I have two B5 Systems Bravo Stocks, both are on AR-15's. The B5 Systems Bravo Stock weighs 8.25 ounces. This is less weight than the lauded Magpul CTR which most any stock is compared too. I was a long time CTR user until about a two years ago when I started using B5's Enhanced SOPMOD stock. I loved it and still do. But that stock served a purpose for my SPR build. I wanted something with less weight on my standard AR-15's. The B5 Systems Bravo Stock is 2 ounces less than the B5 Systems Enhanced SOPMOD. So check in the box there. Knowing the excellent reputation, engineering and construction that B5 Systems has, I had no reservations. I received one and started using it on my Battle Blaster.

I found the cheek weld to be the very similar. Of course going from one stock to another comes with a different feel, the angle of the cheek weld is identical. Getting a feel for it I began to use it on different guns. Immediately I noticed the lock up. It is solid. While the CTR and others have an extra

feature to ensure lock up, the B5 Bravo Stock's engineering does not require such a feature. I have used Magpul, VLTOR, Griffin Armament and others stocks and the B5 has proven to have the best operation. It is smooth engagement and adjustment. I would call it even with Magpul stocks but they both are ahead of the rest of the pack. The B5 has texture on the adjustment latch, which is great for slick situations (Wet and bloody hands, weather). It does come with QD attachment points on either side for both side shooting setup. When I review stocks the one thing that sticks out to me is how does it conform to the buffer tube. I have seen some in the past, the Exos Defense comes to mind, some stocks which just are not tight to the buffer tube. They have some space between the buffer tube cavity in the stock and the buffer tube. The B5 is sucked up tight, no concern for movement. Solid as an oak tree. Great construction, design and color options (Black, (True) Coyote Brown, OD Green, Wolf Grey, FDE, Foliage Green). Made in the USA. If you want a stock, get this one for you builds if it fits your desires.

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