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True Coyote Brown Gun/Rifle Paint on a Budget

True Coyote Brown Gun/Rifle Paint on a Budget

Everyone always asks me about Coyote Brown gun paint jobs. It is true, I have lot's of gun painting videos and experience. Coyote Brown, true coyote brown, has been a bit of a unicorn to find. Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, etc. I could never find true coyote brown (The Coyote Brown in MARPAT camoflauge). But through my purchasing of paint can after paint can in tons of paint jobs I found

something that matches true coyote brown. One of Aervoe's offerings, the Field Drab, is damn near spot on! I used is on my recent Battle Blaster upgrade. I used it as the base color in my brown camo job. All you do it sand with 100 grit lightly the parts you want to paint, then hit is again lightly with 150 grit. Degrease and clean the part with some alcohol or acetone and a clean cloth. I emphasis clean

cloth. If you use paper towels or anything with too much fluffies if could impact the paint job. Throw some rope on the part, thin cord, where you will hang it up. Once degreased and cleaned throw it in the oven on 100-150 degrees for like 10-15 minutes. I just dangle my cordage out of the oven door when I close it. Then take it outside or your paint booth, hang it up and hit it with your initial coat. This is light, super light. You are building a foundation here. Spray about 6 inches in a constant motion all over the part you are painting. Let it air dry for 10-15 minutes. Then put it back in the oven for 20 minutes. Then repeat the process until the desired color is attained. After you are all done let it in the over for an hour to fully cure. Then take it out and let it air cool for a few hours. Being deliberate and patient will result in the best paint job possible.

The Aervoe Field Drab spray paint can be found on the internet for about $7 a can (Do not trust the cap, it IS NOT the color of the paint!). I have found it here:


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