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First Spear SSV In-The-Belt Appendix/Kidney Holster

First Spear SSV In-The-Belt Appendix/Kidney Holster

The First Spear SSV In-The-Belt Appendix/Kidney Holster is a great concealed carry foundation. A few extra additions and the First Spear SSV In-The-Belt Appendix/Kidney Holster could be a top of the

line holster. Using a cordura type fabric wrap, the First Spear SSV In-The-Belt Appendix/Kidney Holster is comfortable, but what that fabric does is lower the IR signature of the holster. This is more a positive for their outside the waistband holster than this First Spear SSV In-The-Belt Appendix/Kidney Holster. But, it makes it comfortable. I have found the fabric to be very durable as it is cordura based. The edges are nicely rounded and geared toward inside the waistband, as it should be because it is labeled IWB! The one thing that could cause issues is the slightly closed bottom of the holster. Using a threaded barrel is a no go on this holster. So that could limit some people if they run those. The mold is great, and tight to the gun. It is sucked into the gun, good definition. This means that there is no extra space or material. A good overall design. I have mine made for a Glock 19. The Glock 19 is my go too concealed carry pistol. It is built as good as someone can make a holster. Right up there with G-Code, Raven and the like. Positive retention and if not it is adjustable so you can loosen or tighten a screw based on your personal desire. It does print slightly, barely noticeable. Now I am not the skinniest person around, I would call myself average. I believe if they added a "claw' like some other manufactures have been doing this would reduce it to almost zero print.

This is a non-light bearing holster and they do not have a light bearing option. I would like to see them create a light bearing SSV In-The-Belt Appendix/Kidney Holster. I rarely will carry without a light on my CCW pistol. The belt clip is solid one piece design. Easy in and out of the pants (Just like my ...). It does come with a lanyard for a emergency belt clip failure backup. You wrap it around the belt and the if the belt clip fails (Which I did not experience with this holster in 100's of draws) this will catch and will still allow to draw the gun from the holster. Lots of colors and gun models to pick from. All in all a great holster option for someone looking for a non-light bearing holster.

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