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Parallax Tactical FFSSR LightWeight M-LOK AR-15 Rail

Parallax Tactical FFSSR LightWeight M-LOK AR-15 Rail

The Parallax Tactical FFSSR LightWeight M-LOK AR-15 Rail is a solid option. Not heavy and very

durable, the Parallax Tactical FFSSR LightWeight M-LOK AR-15 Rail provides a USA made AR-15 rail that will suit most any rifle build. I have previously reviewed Parallax Tactical's KeyMod rail which is the sister to this rail. So I knew the quality and function I was going to get. I prefer M-LOK over KeyMod (seperate subject), which was the reason I switched. I have used this rail for over a year now. Taken it to courses and many, many range sessions. Have had other shooters use it and give me feedback. I opted for the 15" version, so the review details with be specific to that length rail. The overall length is exactly 15". It weighs in at 13.5 ounces overall. That is the barrel nut, screws and rail. Outside diameter is 1.52" and inside diameter is 1.35". Given the inside diameter this rail will not sleeve suppressors, so if you are pairing up make sure to purchase the proper length to suit your needs. Material of the rail is 6061 T6 Aluminum and the barrel nut is made of steel. I like the materials chosen. A steel barrel nut is a solid foundation that will not warp over time. It comes with a integrated QD sling mount on either side of the rail back towards the magazine well. This is a big plus in value as usually you have to buy a sling mount.

The thing you want from a rail is stability. It is going to hold all your accessories and be something you will hold when shooting. This Parallax Tactical FFSSR LightWeight M-LOK AR-15 Rail provides a great foundation to mount the rail with it's solid barrel nut. The screws used to mount the rail onto

the barrel nut are nice and large compared to some others on the market. Makes for easy installation and/or removal. Obviously use blue threadlocker on the rail mounting screws after you have everything fitted where you want it. This rail is what I call a good solid option for a do everything rifle. It can take a beating as mine has and keep on ticking. I have slammed it against barriers, run it through courses and drills and it has never budged. The levelness of the rail remains which speaks to the quality and craftsmanship. I run a rather slick setup. I have a GripStop and Light on my rail. It has held my M-LOK accessories on with no loosening over the last year plus through thousands of rounds. Could you get a lighter weight rail? Yes, you could. But for the money this is possibly the best value for the money on the market. Made in the USA with USA sources materials. At $170 bucks it is a decent amount less than other “trendy” brands on the market.

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