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V Seven Titanium Ambi AR-15 Safety Selector

The V Seven Titanium Ambi AR-15 Safety Selector is a great upgrade. The V Seven Titanium Ambi AR-15 Safety Selector drops weight, improves tolerances and is made of better materials than stock AR-15 safety selectors. With stock non-ambi AR-15 safety selectors coming in at 15 grams (0.52 ounces), this V

Seven Titanium Ambi AR-15 Selector comes in at 11.5 grams (0.40 ounces). Every ounce matters! So you are saving weight and upgrading to an ambi safety selector, which is awesome. The main point if your upgrading your AR-15 is to drop weight. If you cannot drop weight, most upgrades are not worth the time. We live in a world of amazing engineering and with materials that in the past were not able to be used as easily as they are today. Titanium is a great metal. It is lightweight, strong and weather resistant. Then comes the design. The selector has some golf ball holes in it to increase traction. They are a good length, not too long or to short. I recommend not over tightening them when installing. I had done this the first time and the selector was really hard to operate. But per their website, do not over tighten!

I have used my V Seven Titanium Ambi AR-15 Selector for about a year now and done tons a drills with it. Doing a first shot from low ready to first shot drill over 100 times alone in one range trip. I

engaged the safety on each shot, so plenty of use on my V Seven Titanium Ambi AR-15 Selector. It is relatively smooth, but I would say since the tolerances are a little tighter it does take some break in to get it perfectly smooth. After a range trip it works much smoother, and this will change from AR-15 to AR-15 depending on supporting parts, this is just how mine operated and my experience. I like the selectors themselves, they are out of the way, but nice and textured and large enough for positive engagement even with gloves. You can go between 57 degree or traditional 90 degree throw, changing that is easy. So overall, very adaptable to your own ergonomic, made in the USA and looks sharp as hell!

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