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Streamlight ProTac Rail Mount 1 Weapon Light

Streamlight ProTac Rail Mount 1 Weapon Light

(Note: I cannot speak to this lights combat durability, but I can speak to home defense, etc. ) The Streamlight ProTac 1 Rail Mount Weapon Light sure does give people an option other than a SureFire Scout. There is a huge market for weapon lights. Everyone wants the best, including myself. But sometimes the best is expensive, and for a good reason. But sometimes people do not need a weapon light that is going to withstand the rigors of Kunar Valley. They need a weapon light that can

15' Distance From Wall

provide reliable performance for someone who might go to a few courses and uses their gun for home defense. Streamlight with the ProTac Rail Mount series of weapon lights fits right into that market, which is a very large market. The Streamlight ProTac 1 Rail Mount Weapon Light resembles similar lumen SureFire Scout weapon lights. Uses the same mounting and is relatively the same size and weight. But it is 1/3 the cost! If you have used Streamlight products in the past or even currently you know they are solid. For a long time I used the TLR-1 on my Glock 19. I only moved away from it when the Inforce APL came out because I valued concealment. If Streamlight made a TLR pistol light the same size as the APL I would switch back in an instant. So I know Streamlights brand well. They make great products.

With a $100 price tag, the Streamlight ProTac 1 Rail Mount Weapon Light is a economical weapon

light for people unable to spend $300+ for a SureFire Scout. Period. There really is nothing too much to read into here. If you desire the high speed low drag tape switch of the SureFire Scout, you can ow get that with the Streamlight ProTac 1 Rail Mount Weapon Light. Included is all the mounting options you would need. A pic rail attachment is included for both the tape switch and the light itself. Highly durable double sided tape for the tape switch and zip ties. I'll admit I was skeptical of the tape, I am always skeptical of tape! But I have to say, after 6 months of usage and over a thousand rounds I wanted to adjust the positioning of the light. It was a hell of a time getting the tape switch off. The included double sided tape is no joke! I personally opted for a angled Arisaka scout mount to mount my Streamlight ProTac 1 Rail Mount Weapon Light to my EraThr3 M-LOK rail. It is just slicker and lighter weight than the included one, although the included one would perform just fine.

Lets get to performance. The Streamlight ProTac 1 Rail Mount Weapon Light throws out 350 lumens at its peak. While I have used Informce WML's on all my rifles in the past, after using the ProTac Rail

Mount 1 I found the hot center (22,000 Candela @ Peak) of it to be much better than the WML. This is great to stunning and concealing your location if in a self defense situation. The WML has a milder center which could leave you hanging compared to the ProTac Rail Mount 1's. There is still good flood on the PTRM1 leaving the ability to see around what you are illuminating. It has multiple modes including low, high, momentary and strobe. I have mine setup for high and momentary. I do not want any other bullshit for a weapon light. For anything else a hand held light can be used. Mine has been banged around and has held up with no issues. I cannot speak if the Streamlight ProTac 1 Rail Mount Weapon Light is combat ready, but for a home/personal defense option it is perfect. At 350 lumens it provides enough light for home defense. I would recommend the ProTac Rail Mount 2 or HL-X to someone with lot's of land they would be defending. I love this light so much I am switching out all my rifles to either the PTRM1 or PTRM2. Link: Specs: Lumens: 40.00 - 350.00 Candela: 1380 - 12000 Range of Light / Distance: 219 meters Runtime: 1.50 - 14.50 hours Battery Types: AA Alkaline, AA Lithium, CR123A Lithium Length: 4.250 inches (10.80 centimeters) Weight: 4.300 ounces (121.90 grams)

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