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Bob Dustrade's Quick Survival Buck Saw!

The Bob Dustrade's Quick Survival Saw is the best survival/backpacking saw available. Hand made by Bob Dustrade in Northern MN, USA, this quick survival saw makes quick work of firewood, shelter building, etc. Give it's open design you can take on much larger logs than traditional survival saws that limit you by a V design, etc. This Bob Dustrade's Quick Saw is super lightweight being made of an aluminum body and goes together in 5 seconds and even put together with one hand! This saw comes in at 16oz or around 1lb. They take any standard saw blades, so with mine being the 24" version I can pickup any 24" saw blade and use it. It is super for not taking up tons of space. It is thin but long. So throwing it on the side of a pack is the best way to transport. I have used the SawVivor and a few others and nothing comes close to this USA made Bob Dustrade's Quick Saw. Berz Rating: 100/100

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