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UW Gear AK SWAMP FOX 5.45 Mk. III Chest Rig

The UW Gear AK SWAMP FOX 5.45 Mk. III chest rig is something to marvel at. I am always on the look out for high quality and high craftsmanship when it comes to gear and the UW Gear AK SWAMP FOX 5.45 Mk. III chest rig does not disappoint. First lets discuss the company. Top notch does not begin to state how UW Gear is run. I have always had great communications with them and anything I needed or inquired about was responded to quickly. When you look at what they offer it is partly to a niche market with their 5.45 offerings, but they also have AR gear as well. That is refreshing to see, as a AK-74 enthusiast finding soft goods to support them can be challenging. But UW Gear fills the void!

On the workmanship side of things, each stitch and placement of webbing, etc. is spot on. It is hard to place any companies quality of work above UW Gear. When I first got my UW Gear AK SWAMP FOX 5.45 Mk. III chest rig I thought it was a work of art. All PALS/MOLLE webbing works well with no one being too small or too large. I have seen that on some companies PALS/MOLLE where one might be too small and useless, but UW Gear has an amazing attention to detail level. The stitching is tight and precise and there is no left over fabric or hurried work on this chest rig. The buckles work well and have good tension, unlike some other companies where the buckles are cheap. It is easily adjustable for different body types and stays in place once set. The pouches themselves are great. Customized to whatever platform you run, mine are made for 5.45 AK-74 magazines. The magazines goes in perfectly and the closure system is unique. It is made of a tab which you put through a loop which holds the magazines in and then all you do is pull up and out on the tab to open the pouches. This is where I could see an addition to make this a little better in weather affected environments. I would like to see some Hypalon added to the ends of the tabs, maybe three inches worth so that when your hands are wet, cold and your adrenaline is pumping and you have the clam hands you can get the pouches open with no issue. Other than that critique there is nothing that has not worked exceptionally for me.

You can setup this chest rig as you wold like, as next to the pouches is four rows of PALS/MOLLE. Perfect for an IFAk and pistol pouches of some sort one one side and a sustainment pouch on the other. But the beauty of it is you can put whatever you want on there and customize it to how you like your rig setup. Made in the USA, the UW Gear AK SWAMP FOX 5.45 Mk. II chest rig is downright on point!

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