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Bobro Engineering Aimpoint/Red Dot QD Mount

Bobro Engineering Aimpoint/Red Dot QD Mount

The Bobro Engineering Aimpoint T-1 QD Mount is legit. But is it too legit to quit? I think so! Bobro has taken into account performance, accuracy and durability and slapped it all together in this Bobro

Engineering Aimpoint T-1 QD Mount. The main thing you want with any QD mount is repeat-ability. Repeat ability is key, without it your QD mount is useless. I support having one rifle with dual optics. Using QD mounts in this scenario is needed. Having a red dot and a 1-5x optic and swapping them depending on usage. I always have a red dot on my rifles for home defense, but if I have to do something else like shooting competitions or if I was a rancher with drug cartels breathing down my neck I would like to switch out to a longer range usage with a 1-5x scope. So going back and forth between optics and maintaining zero is critically important. There is no manual adjustment on this mount. Some other mounts on the market allow for you to adjust the tension, but the Bobro is engineered so well it does mot require this. That is huge. Designing something that works without interaction means less room for error by the user.

Made of 6061 T6 Aluminum and weighing only 3.7oz, this Bobro Engineering Aimpoint T-1 QD Mount is made to stand strong until you use the quick detach and release it. Initially it will be a little tough,

but after putting the Bobro Engineering Aimpoint T-1 QD Mount off and on a few times the mechanisms levers loosen up a bit and it is perfect! This is good, if you have a mount that is too easy to slap on from the get go, it is not a good mount. Engagement of the mounts QD lever is simple. Flip it out to release, push it in to mount it. It does have a safety mechanism which you push in and then engage the release lever. This means the mount will not release at all without the safety engaged. As expected with such a solid design I have never had the mounts lever to disengage accidentally. The only thing that I am not a huge fan of is the large side part that protrudes. I wish they could make a mechanism that does not hang off the side as much. But it has not gotten in the way of my kit yet, so I cannot really complain too much.

Made in the USA and made to last!

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