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PIG Bomber Magazine Pouches

PIG Bomber Magazine Pouches are innovative, but have one characteristic I would like to see change. The PIG Bomber Magazine Pouches went for a slim line style magazine pouch with some innovative technologies and materials. It is slim and when a magazine is in the pouch and the pouch is secured it is very low pro. The one awesome part of the design is using Hypalon on the opening tab. I really like Hypalon and have seen some companies use it in many applications. I have used it over the years and it is a great, grippy material that has proven to be durable. The other main reason to look at these PIG Bomber Magazine Pouches is weight. They are amazingly lightweight and really can cut down on some weight on your kit if changing out say 4+ pouches. When you pick up one of these mag pouches you notice weight and how tough these pouches feel. They have a drain hole, making this a well rounded top magazine pouch contender. Given all the great parts of these pouches, there are a few design issues I see.

Firstly, the PIG Bomber Magazine Pouches are tight. So breaking in these pouches is a need prior to using them in a life or death situation. At times I have had issues drawing magazines out of the single mag pouch. Given there is a top flap retention and no need to be over aggressively tight, I believe they could make the opening a tenth of an inch deeper. This is a minor thing though, as the majority of the time they draw out decently well. The other thing I noticed was how large the flap was. I have on a few occasions done a reload only to find the previously used flap in the way of my next magazine pouch. I believe they could shorten the flaps a little, but keep the length of Hypalon material as it is great to get that kind of a purchase on a tab when you have wet or bloody hands. These again are minor things I have noticed. Fixing the retention you just throw a magazine in the pouch with some cardboard backers and let them sit for a day or so to loosen them up. As far as construction, it is top notch with no loose ends. Beyond the awesome construction SKD backs these pouches for life. So if you buy some, the Velcro loses it's grip you just reach out to SKD and they will replace it for free! An amazing warranty, who else will replace or give you a new item if the Velcro goes bad? I cannot think of any.

Even with these minor items I have seen, these are great pouches which are worth the purchase. I have many pouches (Fire Force, HSGI, Esstac, Orca Arms, Original SOE, Mayflower, etc.) and these are by far the most advanced in terms of materials used. You will not find at the time of this article another pouch that is as bombproof as these. Made in the USA with pride!

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