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Troy AK Battlerails: First Look

The Troy AK Battlerails (For AK-47/74) defiantly fit the void I have identified years ago in the AK market. While the AR has been moving at light speed with high speed low drag accessories, the AK has been slower to move in this direction. Most AK rails/hand guard on the market are big, clunky and just plain heavy! Where the Troy AK Battlerails (For AK-47/74) minimize wasted space, are relatively light and allow for customization of where to place accessories with the TRX type mounting options. In the past I have always stated that AK rails and hand guards on the market wasted space in the area where the receiver ends to the bottom of the barrel. Companies have always just gone straight out from there and used close to 1/4" worth of space they had no reason to be used! Here Troy has taken that space and made a great adapter which funnels the rail into the space while allowing for it to still mate up to the receiver flawlessly. Having a rounded hand guard like all the high speed low drag ones on the market (Keymod, TRX, etc.) is foreign to most AK enthusiasts.

I myself have draw up a few models of how to make a rail that rid that wasted space but allowed for a rounded contour. Well with this Troy AK Battlerail they are on the right track. While providing a rounded grip, it also gives the gun a smaller profile. When looking at a standard say picatinny lower that went the length of the AK, like the Ultimak. Or even standard length picatinny rails that are sold by everyone for the AK. They are very bulky and due to this it increases the weight dramatically. There is no reason for all that picatinny rail, which is where the TRX style rails on these Troy AK Battlerails (For AK-47/74) shines. You pick where you want accessories and that is the only place you need mounting brackets! Just like Keymod, the TRX style of mounting decreases weights by allowing the operator to pick where they want weight, versus telling them the whole thing will be heavy with picatinny rails! Overall my first impressions are that this is a lightweight, low profile rail for the AK that is defiantly on the right track. After some range time I will provide a review, but I am excited by the feel and operation of this rail at this time.

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