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Tactical Tailor Fight Light Modular Operator Pack

The Tactical Tailor Fight Light Modular Operator Pack, besides being a mouthful, is a top notch mid level three day assault pack. I have used a Kelt MAP 3500 extensively in the past, but the Tactical Tailor Fight Light Modular Operator Pack feels better on the shoulders and more secure in the materials it uses. This pack uses 500D Cordura, not 1000D Cordura that many places still use. 500D Cordura is proven to withstand the test of the battlefield time and time again and the greatest part about it is how lightweight it is. Finding lighter weight materials to get the burden of heavy weight off our war fighters is something Tactical Tailor has done for a while now. Their commitment is second to none when it comes to the war fighters of our nation.

Moving into the construction of this Tactical Tailor Fight Light Modular Operator Pack. Stitch quality, materials chosen and design are spot on. Tactical Tailor has tailor in it's name for a reason and it is because they rock at making kick ass gear!

Everything lines up and is bartacked precisely and straight stitching completes this pack. The one thing I noticed though is at times the zipper does get snagged up with the flap that goes over the zipper. Not a huge thing, but something I noticed. In relation to the zipper, it is great in that it is big! Some zippers chosen by some companies are tiny and take too much effort to open. Not the case with this zipper, easy to open and get to your gear extremely fast. The PALS/MOLLE is perfectly positioned and all of it is usable, unlike some companies who leave you hanging with a half a slot. The padding is light on the shoulders, but the positioning of the shoulder straps and the contour is perfect. I do not mind moving heavy pack loads due to the great contour of the shoulder straps.

The materials picked by Tactical Tailor are top notch. The buckles and webbing is strong and ready to last you a lifetime. If it doesn't then just use Tactical Tailors lifetime warranty. Also apart of this pack is a carry handle and side compression straps which help you compress down bulk loads and keep items in place for a better hump with your pack. There is a sternum strap and waist strap. Now the waist strap is not padded or anything fancy, but honestly it does not have to be because the pack sits so well on your back. There are a multitude of colors and patterns available, but for me it is hard to get past just basic coyote for year round usage in almost every environment. With a total volume of 2,034 cu. in. of space this is a great mid sized pack to have in your arsenal of nylon. Made in the USA, and very tough to beat.

Measurements: Main compartment: 24" x 12" x 6.5" Front compartment: 12" x 11" x 3" Total Volume: 2,034 cu. in.

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