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Aero Precision Lightweight 30mm SPR Scope Mount

The Aero Precision Lightweight 30mm SPR Scope Mount is a real winner. It is lightweight, rather durable and sturdy. The key thing with optics is stability and rigidity. You do not want your mount moving upon bouncing around in situations or when the gun hits the deck, which inevitably happens in the field. While I do not see this mount being used in a military setting, everything else is fair game for this little power house. The large majority of people out there putting together SPR/DMR or Mk12 variant rifle builds will not be seeing war. So I see in this setting, like my own, the ability to cut some weight without sacrificing accuracy or rigidity. The Aero Precision Lightweight 30mm SPR Mount allows you to get the scope out front a little if that bothers you with non-SPR style mounts. I have taken mine off and put it back on and shot a few thousand rounds of match ammo through my precision AR-15 with this mount and it has always afforded me confidence when shooting.


The build quality of this Aero Precision Lightweight 30mm SPR Scope Mount is good. Now it is not billet, but for a cast part it gets the job done. This Aero Precision Lightweight 30mm SPR Scope Mount is made of 6061 T6 aluminum, which is a standard material used for lightweight mounts as well as other parts. Most high precision guns use steel mounts, but on a standard everyday non-combat seeing SPR/DMR/Mk12 variant rifle I see no reason personally. You want to drop some weight or you would not be looking at this mount. The way the rings connect is intriguing. It is a latch system at the top of the ring, unlike most others that have screws on the top and bottom, or on either side. So they drop some weight by only using two screws versus four like most other mounts. The walls are also a little slender, but again it is a lightweight mount, you get what you pay for and here you want lightweight. How it connects to the picatinney rail is with three screws and a solid one piece picatinney bar. This is where I think they picked up the anti-vibration they talk about. It really makes this secure and probably the best feature on the mount.


I have hit 1/2″ groups with this mount, and average a 3/4″ group. This is with me taking the mount on and off and different days and condition’s. That really speaks to the whole package, but it speaks to this Aero Precision Lightweight 30mm SPR Mount more so I believe. The reason being that the thing holding it all together is this mount. The engagement of the rings to scope was positive and it was easy to install them on the scope. I used blue loc tite on the screws and torqued them as recommended. While I had reservations about the latching top of the scope rings I have been pleasantly surprised that it has performed as well as it has.

Conclusion While not war recommended, this is a great mount otherwise and I say if your in the market for dropping some weight and want a good SPR style mount, this USA made option should be on your short list. Ultimately h ow much weight you want to drop is up to you.

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