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Parallax Tactical Keymod AR-15 Rail

The Parallax Tactical Keymod AR-15 Rail is one of the best in the business. What I was looking for in a rail for my battle blaster AR-15 build was something low profile, lightweight and yet still durable and strong. Of course the market is saturated with many dozens of companies making rails now a days, but which ones really are a notch above the rest? It is a great problem to have, having too many options, but what I see from it is competition and innovation. Due to some many people competing it ultimately means better product will come out of it. My friend Nate Murr, inventor of the GripStop, had one of the Parallax Tactical Keymod AR-15 Rails, 13″ variety, on his AR-15 when I stopped over close to a year ago. I checked it out and was instantly impressed and wanted one for this build. If you are a lover of thumb over bore, this Parallax Tactical Keymod AR-15 Rail is for you. With an inside diameter of only 1.32″ if lends itself to turning your AR-15 into a very, very low profile rifle. But with such a lightweight and low profile rail do you have durability?

Durability to me means the rifle can be dropped, banged around on barricades and other objects and not bend or change in anyway. I have used this Parallax Tactical Keymod AR-15 Rail on wood benches by using the legs and table for support while shooting. Purposely smacking the rifle into them. It has been jammed against cars and a few other objects with no altering of the profile, diameter, or levelness of the rail. The main reason for such good durability is the barrel nut. The barrel nut used on this Parallax Tactical Keymod AR-15 Rail is exceptional. The one thing I like over others is the large retaining screws for the rail that go into the barrel nut. Throw some loctite on them and torque them down and you will have one of the most solid setups possible. The other great thing is the weight of the barrel nut, it is 92 grams in weight. So lightweight I am using grams and not ounces in this article! The thickness of this rail is also noticeably stout. While not crazy thick, the 6061 T6 aluminum construction is thick enough for you to look at it compared to others and say, oh yea that is going to last. My red dot has not lost zero one time during my usage of the Parallax Tactical Keymod AR-15 Rail, I have always had dead on accuracy even when solely mounting my red dot on the rail.

Now this being a Keymod rail you obviously will get Keymod slots. Depending on the length you get will determine how many Keymod slots are on the rail. For example I own the 15″ rail and it has 13 Keymod slots. But what is also has is standard angled slots where you can mount anything, but particularly Magpul MOE accessories. I run a rather slick setup and just have a Inforce WML and a GripStop, but if you were into mounting cappuccino makers and electric razors there is more than enough mounting options on this Parallax Tactical Keymod AR-15 Rail to make that happen. Overall this rail has impressed me with performance, how well it matches up to the AR-15 uppers I have and at $200 for the 15″ version it is less than other “trendy” brands on the market. Additionally this rail is made in the USA with only USA sourced materials. That right there sums it up for me. #murica

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