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Duluth Trading Co. Armachillo Shirts

The Duluth Trading Co. Armachillo shirts are simply amazing in hot weather. I went on a search for a great sweltering summer day shirt a few months back and settled on trying this awesomely marketed Armachillo shirt. I was not disappointed! From the fit to how well the shirt is constructed, it simply is a shirt that will be in my closet for many years. Some shirts on the market that are in this lightweight and extreme breathable have some downsides. Mainly fit for me, as I have a challenge finding long shirts that when rolled up in short sleeve mode that do not constrict my arms. I found with this Duluth Trading Co. Armachillo shirt that it was perfect, just the right snug and it was secured with a great button. This shirt almost has a slight silky feel on the inside and Duluth has really paid attention to making this shirt a go to summer garment. It is not itchy or rough like some on the market, it is a shirt you want to wear all the time. So lets get down to the specifics.

These Armachillo shirts are made of a 2.5oz Nylon/Polyester mix. They dry fast and really keep you cool. Now while I thought I would just simply put on the shirt and feel an air conditioner, I did not. It felt like most other shirts. But when I started to sweat and the shirt got damp it really turned into an air conditioner! After talking to Duluth Trading Co I found out that this is how they designed the shirt. It has Jade somehow impregnated into the fabric, which assists in keeping you cool. I was very amazed at how cool it felt, as it takes full advantage of convection. So does it keep you amazingly cool in the hot summer, yes! It also has a very lightweight mesh panel on the back inside to give you an offset from the fabric and two vents on each side of the back on the outside to further vent out your body heat. All of this in a very lightweight package is very impressive. All the stitching is top notch and I have had no damage to this shirt after using it in the wilderness and through washing.

This is a very comfortable shirt and my go to in the hot summer for now on. If you want a cool shirt, pun intended, check out the Duluth Trading Co. Armachillo shirts. They have long sleeve, short sleeve and t-shirts. I have really enjoyed mine.

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