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Magpul CTR Buttstock

The Magpul CTR Buttstock is a staple in almost any tactical person's parts inventory. Magpul in creating the CTR Buttstock created what most would call the default in a bulletproof stock. They are decently priced and provide excellent functionality with being perfectly produced. I started using a CTR on my AK-74 rifle and use it in conjunction with my VLTOR RE-47 Stock Adapter. This makes for a great AK-47/74 setup. I have run thousands of rounds through my AK's with this combination and have had no issues related to the Magpul CTR Buttstock coming loose, disengaging or breaking when doing clearing exercises. Let's talk about the craftsmanship on the Magpul CTR Buttstock. The polymer used by Magpul is terrific. It holds up to tons of abuse and the QD mounting points are molded precisely. Since the CTR is molded so well moving from position to position on your buffer tube is flawless and smooth. Engage the lock (friction lock system) and the CTR Buttstock doesn't budge, exactly what you want in a buttstock! Some cheaper stocks on the market do give a small amount of wiggle or movement which goes to show you buying USA made and buying precision, like Magpul stocks, is the way to go in the long run.

As far as performance, the CTR Buttstock was made to minimize getting caught up on gear like plate carriers and it was made with weight in mind. Another great feature is that the stock has risers you can purchase that go on in a snap. I am not a huge fan of the quick install risers, but Magpul pulls it off nicely with the ones they produce. The CTR weighs in at around 8 ounces! For all the options you get and the weight versus others on the market. The weight to strength ratio is amazingly high on the CTR. I prefer to run my two point slings rear QD mount on opposite side buttstock, which is easy to do with the QD positioned right where it needs to be! There are also different butt pads to increase the length or give you added recoil resistance if that is what you are looking for.

I really cannot say much I see that needs improved, the CTR Buttstock is simply what all other mid priced high speed buttstocks should be measured.

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