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Mayflower 24 Hour Assault Pack

The Mayflower 24 Hour Assault Pack is the perfect little bag that will sustain you for, well 24 hours! Made by Velocity Systems for Mayflower, this 24 Hour Assault Pack is made well and highly adaptable. Mayflower has made a name for itself in relation to quality and this 24 Hour Assault Pack is no exception. I own a Mayflower APC and have been nothing short of satisfied with both items. Making lightweight yet durable gear is what Mayflower is all about. This 24 hour pack is made of 500D cordura, versus what many companies use (1000D cordura). There are a few reasons for that, first it is proven that 500D cordura is dependable on the battlefield. Secondly it is lighter weight, which after adding up a bunch of kit switching items out for 500D can prove to be a exercise in pain relief over a long hump!

The innovation in this 24 Hour Assault Pack is that you can use it with shoulder straps or without them. If you use it without them you can slap this directly into your PALS/MOLLE on the back of your plate carrier or chest rig. I had a 2L hydration bladder, stripped down MRE and minimal supplies in mine when testing it initially. I then adapted it to a gym bag where it worked out perfectly to carry shoes, a shirt, shorts and socks. It has one main pocket and one small pocket on the front. The large pocket has a hydration sleeve and the smaller one is the dimensions of a piece of paper. The one thing you will see with any Mayflower product is attention to detail. This can be seen by their choice in using materials not many companies are using. All buckles are ITW-Nexus IR and the zipper pulls are grippy and unique, in a good way. I use this in conjunction with my Mayflower Gen V Split Front Chest Rig and that setup works very well and is lightweight.

So if you are in the market for a smaller bag that is built with the best materials but still holds 100 ounce hydration bladder, look no further. Made in the USA and made to last.

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