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Tactical Tailor Extended Range Operator Pack

The Tactical Tailor Extended Range Operator Pack is one of my favorite pieces of gear for tactical and even outdoor use. With 3,100 cubic inches of space to fill, the Tactical Tailor Extended Range Operator Pack gives you what you need to get through extended operations or even backpacking adventures. The main thing that stood out, and usually does with Tactical Tailor gear, is how stout this pack feels. From the zippers to the waistband they have engineered this pack to work extremely well. I have throw this in the truck, used it on long range trips through the mountains and am very impressed with how tough it is. It still looks really good even after using it for a while now. I actually turn to this pack for a backpacking bag because I love how it feels on the torso so much. Distributes the weight perfectly, and the padded waistband really keeps the pain away on long hikes.

So let's get to some of the specifics. This pack is made of 1000D cordura all throughout, which is really the only thing I could see changing (And after talking to Mr. Ayers at Tactical Tailor I can confirm they are working on it). I think in certain areas to save weight that 500D cordura could be used. This practice is being used in the outdoor industry in hiking packs, where as an example Kelty is using 1000D only on the bottom of their packs where the most wear will happen, and then 500D most everywhere else. Just a thought to get the weight down more, although the pack's suspension and feel make up for the minimal weight added with using all 1000D cordura. It has PALS/MOLLE webbing all over the place, increasing your ability to customize it to whatever you need. On mine recently I added five magazine pouches and a big medical kit based on what I needed and still had plenty of room to added much more to the PALS/MOLLE space that was available. The PALS/MOLLE webbing is stitched extremely well, and I do not see any issues with it coming off, as all my other Tactical Tailor gear is ticking away, and this bag is constructed the same as that gear.

The bag opens up almost all the way down the sides, I would say 80% of the way. Giving you immediate access to whatever you need, almost wherever you need it in the bag. Inside are "industrial strength" mesh compartments on the sides and front. They come in handy with smaller items, like batteries, cameras, ammo, hydration solution, etc, you do not want to get lost in the bag. Socks and base layer components fit well on the mesh pocket on the inside of the front flap. There is a inside pocket at the top of the bag where I put specialized gear, as it is the most padded are on the bag, like thermal devices or cameras, etc. There is a non detachable pouch on the outside at the top of the bag to store more gear. In front of this pocket is a hidden velcro'd area that holds a VS 17 style marker panel for emergency identification. This is a priceless innovation seen in not many packs on the market and I say thank you Tactical Tailor for thinking this into the design of the Extended Range Operator Pack. There is also a hidden hydration pocket on the back of the pack. There is a small flap of Multicam which covers a zipper that leads to a pocket that holds up to a 3L bladder. I have used this in that configuration and really liked the positioning on the pack and padding between the person and the bladder. This has lead to cooler water to drink, unlike some packs which almost lay the bladder right against you with not much between, can cause your water to get warm faster. A nice touch is the bungee straps that are on the outside of the top pouch, allowing you to stow smaller items like clothing.

Moving on to the waistband and shoulder straps, they are padded well and sit in perfect positioning to not wear out your waist or shoulders. Although there might not be huge queen size padding on them, there is just the right amount to not be bulky but to provide a pack that you can hike miles with and not feel torn up at the end. They are also lined with Air Mesh for comfort, which I can say is rather comfortable. All buckles used are top notch and have very positive clicks and will never come off without some sort of manipulation from a human, there is no accidental unbuckling that will happen. Holding the pack up in the air is a HDPE internal frame sheet with aluminum stays for rigidity and comfort over extended periods in the field. This is where the pack really shines and why it is called "Extended" Operator Pack. Having the ability to adjust the waistband, shoulder straps and load lifters really allows you dial in the pack to your comfort desires. The fact that the shoulder straps are molded to the body contour of a human really makes this fit amazingly well. If you are looking for a long range bag in the 3,000 cubic inch market, I would seriously consider this pack. Made in the USA.

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