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You Must Have THIS on Every Defense/Protection Gun!

The best defense/protection guns have lights on them. A light on a defensive/protection gun means you can identify potential risks. Like having a 10MM Glock 20 Gen 5 without a light means you will be unable to identify threats like Bears, Mountain Lions, Wolves, Boars, etc. Even my .45-70 Marlin Lever Trapper rifle has a light, as you must be able to take in information and see things even when it is dark outside! Without a light, you will be fumbling for a hand held light, when if you just had a light on your defensive or protection or concealed carry gun, you know it is on there and get to the threat and process information much faster when time is of the essence.

SureFire X300 Ultra LED Handgun or Long Gun Weaponlight:

SureFire Scout Light Pro Ultra-High-Output LED WeaponLight:

SureFire Mini Scout Light Pro Compact LED WeaponLight:


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