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Should You Wear Insulation Layers to Extend Your Sleeping Bag Rating?

Should you wear insulation layers in your sleeping bag? Yes! If your sleeping bag can accommodate it. A lot of sleeping bags have enough room (girth) to allow to at least a small layer. Like a packable down/synthetic jacket or hoodie. But, some sleeping bags (like Mountain Hardwear Phantom) are cut very tight. Mainly to be lightweight and ultra lightweight (UL). Some sleeping bags have no room, some have a little room and some are cut generously, like Valandre.

Valandre's Bloody Mary (5 degree bag) and their Shocking Blue (-4 degree bag) really allow for a thick insulation layer to be worn to extend the bag rating. The answer is check your bag before you buy. Know this before trying to extend your sleeping bag rating! If you are a beginner backpacker, check out REI or some place and try them out!

Valandre Bloody Mary 5 Degree Bag:

Therm-a-Rest Parsec 0 Degree Bag:

Mountain Hardwear Phantom 0 Degree Bag:

How I Test Sleeping Bags:

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