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Nelson Brothers Reserve Bourbon Review

The process begins with selecting the choicest lots of well-aged bourbon barrels in the Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery inventory. These barrels would craft the ideal foundation of flavor and fragrance to forge this truly premium and balanced expression. Once singled out, the exceptional sources are expertly batched into a superior, high-proof blend, rich with rye, and redolent of dark cherry, caramel, and spice. The result is Nelson Brothers Reserve, a bourbon certain to startle and delight anyone who comes within sipping distance.

95 Points -The Tasting Panel Magazine, 2022

“This is a high-rye bourbon with a high proof of 107.8 that manages to not overshadow its inner beauty. It’s warm and polite on the nose, with scents of root beer, sandalwood, and baked apple. The flavors are delectable, from nutty oat and peach blossom to ginger, black cherry, and spiced tea. Notes of saddle leather come in on the mid-palate, leading up to a finish of burnt orange, vanilla, and maple.”

- Meredith May, The Tasting Panel

New York International Spirits Competition: Gold Winner

Denver International Spirits Competition: Gold Winner

Distillery: Green Brier Distillery

Vol: 107.8 Proof

Age: N/A

Mashbill Breakdown: N/A


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