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Heaven Hill Old Style Bourbon Review

This Heaven Hill Old Style Bourbon is the best! Heaven Hill Old Style Bourbon is smooth, well balanced and Heaven Hill Old Style Bourbon is a must own for anyone's bourbon liquor cabinet. Why I like Heaven Hill Old Style Bourbon is it's only $12 (cheap and affordable on budget) and compatible to others like Buffalo Trace and Old Forester Statesman, which are more expensive. In this Heaven Hill Old Style Bourbon review I discuss what you can expect and I think your can expect one of the best bourbons out there that anyone can enjoy in a mixed drink or sipping it. The question is, is it bourbon night? For me that is Friday or Saturday. Thanks for watching!

Tasting Notes:

There are notes of spice, caramel sweetness. A bit of bitter orange in the background.

From Diffords Guide:

Named after William Heavenhill, a former owner of the distillery site, Heaven Hill Old Style Bourbon is proudly a "straight bourbon", meaning it is aged for at least two years, although we understand its average age is nearer four years old."

About Heaven Hill:

Heaven Hill was founded shortly after Prohibition in 1934 specifically for making and selling bourbon. Today, it has become one of the largest bourbon producers in the world, owning and managing several of their own family of labels as well as some private label agreements. Their enormous inventory allows them great discretion in different bourbons in style and sophistication.


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