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Best Way to Store Fuel Long Term (Emergency, Natural Disasters, Generators, Etc.)

Store your fuel long term for emergencies, natural disasters, generators, preppers, etc. To store fuel long term, best way, you have to start with non-ethanol fuel. Do not use fuel with ethanol in it! Especially for generators. Store fuel two years or three years or one year by using different amounts of VP Racing Fuel Stabilizer. I use 1 oz per 1 gallon of fuel, which says 3 years on the bottle, and I use it within two years and it works awesome. Although you could go to 3 years with that ratio for the best long term fuel storage. Be prepared, not scared. Fuel storage preparedness is a good thing!

VP Racing Fuel Stabilizer:

Justrite 7150100 Type I Galvanized Steel Flammables Safety Can:

Justrite 5 Gallon Red AccuFlow Galvanized Steel Type II Vented Safety Can With Stainless Steel Flame Arrester And 1" Metal Hose:

Justrite 11202Y Polyethylene Funnel For Use With The Type I Metal Safety Can:

VP Racing 5.5-Gallon Square Motorsport Racing Utility Rapid Refilling Liquid Fuel Jug Can and 14 inch Deluxe Hose Kit and Cap:


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