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Best Bear Caliber When Hiking, Backpacking and in the Wilderness!

When hiking and backpacking in bear country wilderness, usage of a firearm (Like Glock 20 10MM) is a must! Yes, bear spray is a must, along with a firearm, in my opinion. Bears, and even large animals like Moose, can pose a threat to you. While most encounters with bears, like brown and grizzly bears in Alaska, are nerve racking but not violent, depending on the situation, a very small amount can be. Everyone mentions the 44 Magnum as the end all be all caliber revolver for bears. But, the it's not realistic for everyone to use a 44 Magnum is a falsehood. Take your friends to the range and have everyone shoot a 44 Magnum bear load. You will see what I mean. Moving down to the .357 Magnum, while much more controllable, you now have a capacity and weight problem. Only 6, 7 or 8 rounds available in .357 Magnum.

Also, you cannot attach a light! In comes the 10MM. Similar ballistics to the .357 Magnum, but 16 rounds in the Glock 20! I have a Gen 5 Glock 20 I just purchased and found it much easier to control than even the .357 Magnum. Just the nature of a revolver, unable to get a super high grip, versus a semi-auto pistol where you can get a higher grip and control is better. Do not think about 9mm in big bear and animal country. That is just a stupid argument. So for me Gen 5 Glock 20 with a Surefire X300 Ultra light checks all the boxes. Great ballistics, capacity, lighter weight, faster reloads and you have a light for dawn, dusk and night time problems! Loaded with Underwood 220gr Flat Nose Hard Cast Black Cherry ammo! Also as great hunting sidearm option.

Ammo Compared:

Underwood 9MM 147gr +P Flat Nose Hard Cast Black Cherry

Underwood .45 ACP 255gr +P Flat Nose Hard Cast Black Cherry

Underwood 10MM 220gr Flat Nose Hard Cast Black Cherry

Underwood .357 Magnum 180gr Flat Nose Hard Cast Black Cherry

Underwood .44 Magnum 305gr Flat Nose Hard Cast Black Cherry

Surefire X300 T-Slot (B) Weaponlight:

Raven Vanguard 3 Holster:

Bear Spray Holder:



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