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Best .308 Hunting Ammo! (Knock 'Em Down Quick!)

What is the best .308 hunting ammo? Here is the best .308 deer, elk, moose, bear, caribou, reindeer, coyote, boar, and more hunting ammo I have shot and heard about. The best is made by Nosler, Swift and Federal in my opinion. I have shot many 308 bullets and ammunition through various rifles. I currently use a Ruger 18" American Hunter Predator, which is a nice lightweight rifle. But have also used a Winchester Model 70. The best hunting ammo is ammunition that puts down the animal. Combining good shot placement and good bullets does that! Here are my tops picks in order.

My Top Picks Current Pricing:

1. Federal Terminal Ascent 175gr .308 ($60;/20)

2. Nosler Partition 165gr Trophy Grade Ammunition .308 ($85/20)

3. Swift 165gr A-Frame .308 ($80/20)

4. Nosler Accubond 165gr Trophy Grade Ammunition ($85/20)

5. Swift 150gr Scirocco .308 ($75/20)

6. Hornady Interlock 150gr .308 ($30/20)



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